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What do you really hate?


when you see a porta shitter overflowing with poop, best way to get that down is by pissing on it cause its mostly toilet paper. or if you dont want to do that, just straddle the seat while standing and shit on the wall…just joking


I would literally rather shit in a hole in the ground that a port-a-john, I’ll risk the ticket. Hell, for all I know I’ve probably done it illegally a few times. I’ve never known or cared about the legality of going for hikes in anything vaguely forest-y. Public land should be exactly that, and unused or beautiful land should be public. Cause, I’m just a smidge of a hippie.


Carful I know someone that got hooked up for trespassing because they where about 100 yards off the marked public beach


Yeah, I know it’s a risk, but fuck it. :stuck_out_tongue: Where I live I’m way more likely to get shot tho. Texas doesn’t have cops policing the private land, the rednecks are perfectly capable of doing it themselves.


Can you please post a video of how you communicate through song or dance??? Please??? :joy::joy:





I kinda hate it, mind, kinda hate, that my G150’s battery indicator seems really wrong. I swear it drops to 90% is, stays there, drops to 60%, and then eventually dies. It also tends to say it’s back up to 60%-ish and I fell for it a couple times and it died again in a few minutes >.> It can worked around just fine and all, the gas indicator on my car doesn’t work either, but it’s still annoying.


Hey @Ailith

Thanks for changing the subject :wink: my G-Priv does this too, you are not alone :alien:


I hate waking up getting ready for work and realizing the AC stopped working and is blowing hot air all through the house… on the hottest fuckin day of the year!!!


Woah sorry to hear that @Jayrell bet you can’t wait to jump in your car and get the AC on?


I wish! Instead of going in the office today I was scheduled to work from home because I have a dentist appointment this afternoon… so I’m sitting here… in the heat sweating my nuts off lol… there is a heat advisory in effect today but luckily my AC is covered under our home warranty and a tech is on the way out so it should get fixed in a couple hours


I have a window unit ha ha ha ha ha (I sang that in my head >.>)

That said, the damn thing freezes fairly often and has a horrible habit of doing it right before I go to bed, so Iturn it on fan, go to sleep, wake up 3 hours later at 3pm with my room at 100 degrees and covered in sweat. . .which at least helps when I turn the AC back on.




Don’t worry, same all over the world, From Inawera to Italy one day, to do the remaining 200 miles it gets stuck from 7 to 10 days… worst then England believe me…


If it’s freezing then it’s low on charge or is dirty.


That closing topics necros them because it makes a post that says I closed them…

Sorry guys!


Your a spot on Mod @JoJo well on the ball, keep it up young lady :+1:



I hate Paris Hilton. That is all. Every time I see her face, a song pops into my head…