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What do you really hate?


Aahaha I really do, too.


I really hate spitty attys and leaky tanks :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:




Reactive Hypoglycemia…man what a biotch.


When my mixer breaks and I have to improvise…(with a drill)


High heat (111F) and high humidity. Feels like nature just peed all over me.


You have it cross stitched and then framed. Makes it even more badass that way!!


No, you’re just soaking in her foopa juice.


I am really glad to know this now! I have some expensive Adobe software that let’s just say I um…found…and I would be royally screwed if that happened because I don’t think I could “find” it again!


I just made a new noise it was a laugh, snort and a sneeze when I read that! :joy::joy:


If it’s that important, you should save it on an external hard drive. Western digital in 1 TB is only $60 and could save you a ton of bad news


I have a 5 TB one, excellent idea! Would I have copies on my hard drive or run them from the hard drive?


Just save everything you can’t do without so you will always have a copy otherwise If something happens…when something happens you won’t lose anything. Meaning just store a copy. Periodically back things up to that external hard drive plus your pc.


Psycho Day. This happens on average once per month. Maybe it’s Murphy, maybe it’s the farce, I have no idea. They come into the store and they are out there. The eyes are spinning in opposite directions. You can almost hear the grating in their heads. The gears are not turning right. They demand things that do not exist. They will not even leave if you ask them to check out your competitor. Sometimes they don’t even know where they are. Sometimes they are street people wanting a light. Well today is Psycho day. Had two couples in at once. What a hoot! Both couples arguing with their spouses as well as everything around them to include the posters on the walls. Maybe U of M does a monthly day pass or something.


U of M ???.


University of Michigan. A regional hospital system here.


Thought maybe you were one of those men in skirts taking a shot or worse yet one of those browneye’s to the south…


Right, whatever those things are.


I hate a company that cuts corners in their packaging. I’m so irked right now I can barely type. Why in the hell Nicotine River would ever think that packaging their nicotine in a FUCKING PILL BOTTLE was a good idea is just ridiculous. Sheer stupidity. I’ve spent the last hour cleaning up after spilling a good third of a 60 ml bottle of 100 mg/ml nicotine in 100% PG. Why? Because some numb-nuts thought that using a bottle designed for solids would be fine for a hazardous liquid!

Someone needs a good thrashing…


i hate when you give your apprentice a measurement and they spend 4 hours making a 4" hole in a cinderblock wall 2" off center because they don’t listen to the master plumber on site!