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What do you really hate?


When a wife killing narcissistic murderer with no remorse gets paroled. :rage:


Pissed me off as well.


I know OJ wasn’t in prison for the murders but was hoping karma would keep him in. Oh well…


Karma is a Mutha F***a, Tittie Sucka, Two Balled Bitch. His day will come.


My cousin was murdered 2 years ago by a jealous ex. His ass is rotting in prison for life .So it all kinda hits close to home for me. :cry:


When people drive 5 under in the fast lane.


So sorry Mew. :cry:


Happened to me not too long ago lucky for me I am an HVAC tech and fix them for a living


yup dirty filter and or a leak


LMFAO something I would do


When I take a quick run to the convenience store for ice cream fairly late in the evening and I pull back into the garage hit the remote and hear grrrrrrr crash. I get out look back and the garage door is half way down sitting on an angle. One cable came off. It’s happened before but this time it took out both side rails. Bent the shit out of them. Two hours later I have the car out of the garage and the door is over the doorway anyway. New garage door time. It’s over 20 years old and about time but what a PITA.


But the drill might be an improvement u can adjust its speed! :joy:


Money – fracking money man. I decide to spend some on etertainment, got no needs at the moment, spend a bunch on something fun, and then everything goes wrong at once.Sick dog, dead car, etc. Long story short, discovered there was a 30 day return policy on the fun thing so I’m returning it, need that monies man.


Oh man…:slightly_frowning_face: Son just broke the new 40’ tv we just bought 2 weeks ago, to replace the old one he also smashed. Plus, it’s my husband’s and I anniversary today, so this was not the greatest of presents.


How old is he?


I screwed my new TV to the TV console…

oh wait, to clarify I used metal wood screws :wink:


He’s 7, and loves throwing things.


Could you put your child in a cage? He could wear boxing gloves so he couldn’t throw things. And happy belated anniversary


I hate dumb asses like these people suing companies because they themselves were neglecting the danger with lose batteries in their pockets.


Happy Anniversary! I’m sorry it was so awful!