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What do you really hate?


That’s odd because it’s always worked really well for me.

The VG thing concerns me, I have a lot of VG in the house.

What I noticed the last time we had ants near the counter though… the terro trap was on the corner of the sink (where you might put a bar of soap) I spilled some of my e-liquid from filling a tank on the counter. The ants that walked through that juice died in it.


Exactly! That’s the stuff.


I’ve witnessed where one day they LOVE the gel, the next day they couldn’t care less. I have a big jug of the granules and once they get bored with one, the next time I drop a nuke on them, I sprinkle the granules and they go crazy over that. Have even seen a new hive (because I killed the last one) walk past the gel, but start picking up the granules like crazy. I’ve heard rumors that ants have TWO food cycles, one is FAT then the other is CARBS ?? No clue. I think if you have both, you can’t go wrong.


There it is ^^^^^^


That’s what I’ve heard as well. When my wife went all paranoid about our last bug guy, I looked into “home remedies” for pest control. I used to make a mix of Borax, berry jam and cat food and place it in strategic locations around the kitchen and house so that animals couldn’t get to it but the ants could. It worked OK-ish, but we always had the “summer run” of ants through the kitchen. It wasn’t until we had an ant explosion that my wife FINALLY agreed that we needed something stronger.

Our refrigerator had stopped working, and I was doing the “guy” thing-pulled the fridge away from the wall, vacuumed out all of the dust bunnies from the coils and tried to see if there was anything glaring at me that said"THIS is why it broke!" I couldn’t find any real culprit, so I went to stand back up and get myself out of the confines of behind the fridge. One hand went on the back of the fridge, the other on the wall. I applied pressure to both hands, and imagine my horror when the hand that was on the wall went THROUGH THE DRYWALL and out poured thousands upon thousands of ants! No exaggeration-the wall directly behind the refrigerator went from white to swarming black mass in about five seconds. I started screaming like a gibbon that’s been at the helium and went running for the shop-vac and a can of whatever-the-hell-will-kill-this-horde-of-NOPE. Finding only a can of wasp spray, I shoo’ed my wife away from the hole and let fly with chemical death.

We spent the next two hours cleaning up ant corpses from the wall surface and inside. Had to have a termite inspection just to assure the missus that it was indeed ants that had eaten all of the drywall inside the wall, leaving a shell of dried paint that looked perfectly fine but was brittle as a cracker.


You are correct sir, but it’s actually starch and sugar, so the granulated stuff is starch and the liquid stuff is sugar. And you could be dealing with more than one type of ant as well, the most common types are odorous house ants they are the small one that like sweet stuff and if you crush them they smell like burnt rubber and coconut, the other is carpenter ants, they prefer starches and can be just as damaging as termites!


I spilled about 1/4 gallon of it in my sink, and even after cleaning up all of the VG with soap and Comet from the sink and counter, they still came like a pack of rabid, well,…ants. I’m sure that as long as you don’t spill any in the amount that I did you should be fine. If you do, make sure that your cleanup is SPOTLESS. I thought mine was(And no, it wasn’t ‘guy’ clean. when I clean, I CLEAN.)



This is EXACTLY why I completely OVERREACT every time I see an ant, or two, I drop a nuke, I don’t go pass GO and collect $200.00, I drop a nuke every time, JUST because of ^^^^^ that.

My wife thinks I’m insane, overreacting, crazy. Fine, so be it. Nuke’m all and let God sort it out.


Hehe, at least I wasn’t totally off base. I remember after I FINALLY gave up on buying spray after spray after spray (just pissing my money away), and stumbled across the Terro’s on Amazon. Saw a shocking video showing SWARMS of ants coming out to the bait, a shockingly large mass of them actually, and the guy in the video was calm, saying this was GOOD, and so on. Hmmmm, kind of odd to be seeing MORE ants after baiting, but ok fine. Laid out a whole mass of the liquid baits and sure enough, they called in re-inforcements, and I had a swarm. Fought the urge to kill kill kill, and in like two or three days, NO ANTS. WOW, maybe this works. Months pass, had another incident, and they just wandered around the bait, didn’t seem to like it, and I was like “Yeah, here we go, one and done, never to work again, right”? Well, got the granules and they went crazy (maybe different ants, I couldn’t tell), and my hope was RE-kindled. Now, I just alternate one to the other. Sugar and starch, interesting…


COMPLETELY off topic, but since you seem to be the resident Aromamizer expert…I found the V1(SC200) on clearance for $8. Good deal? Or should I keep pinching pennies and get the Supreme? Bottom fill isn’t a deal-breaker. I still use my Billow V2 and SubTank Mini and am well versed in the challenges of bottom fill RTA’s


You need to go buy some Amdro Ant Block. They’re small yellowish granule-like pellets, that have never failed to deal with ants, at any location I’ve lived at. Helluva lot cheaper than hiring an exterminator too! Like $16-18/bottle.

One bottle (application) works for an entire year for me, as I go around the perimeter of the house. You may need two bottles (depending on the size of your house). But the one thing I can suggest, is to make sure that you are going to have two or three days of good weather (no rain) before you spread it around. It will lose potency if it gets wet.


Within a few days of application, you shouldn’t have any problem at all!


I don’t know if I’m on the proper “hate” thread here after reading the last couple dozen posts or so but if your looking for one of natures creatures attracted by our lovely juice, look no further then CAMPGROUND RACCOONS!!!
We were sitting at a picnic table enjoying a beautiful summer evening at a nearly deserted state park in Indiana when they launched their attack! The sun had set hours before, the fire was crackling merrily and our lantern was glowing brightly when I hear a strange noise coming from behind our tent. Not suspecting much and being an experienced outdoorsman nothing prepared me for the literal sea of glowing eyeballs that greeted my flashlite-beam-inspection behind the tent. I mean like 3 or 4 dozen fat, brave and hungery coons all stareing back at me like it was feeding time. All food put away in the car? Check. WHAT COULD THEY WANT?
They started pawing at the tent… They actually knocked over my battery lantern I placed in the far corner of the tent in an attempt to scare em off. Nothing worked untill I realized what they were after, they just wanted an evening vape like me! So I put my juice in the car and they wandered off back into the nite.
Just a cautionary tale folks, if you ever find yourself being followed by a pack of raccoons, you’ll know why. Vape Safe!


Yhea When the economy was horrible I did pest control for a few years, got my license thru perdu.


@paingawd Thank you, I hope you’re right hehe. I’m just a fanboy, that’s all. 8 bucks for the v1. is a good price. Should you save/wait ?? That’s up to you. The Supreme IS my daily runner. Bigger tank, more vapor and flavor, and adjustable juice flow (I leave mine all the way open LOL), and top fill. The Supreme is better, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the v1. and see what you think.

I have basically all versions, lol, and have noticed they’re becoming harder to find (don’t know why), so I can’t talk you out of either one, or BOTH !!!


Pulled the trigger and ordered a Supreme V2 from Slowtech. Let the wait begin!. I actually won’t ‘wait’; I prefer to put it to the back of the brain and surprise myself at the mailbox.



…that was a Comedy Grenade …tick tick tick tick BROOM! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



you and @BoDarc crack me up!