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What do you really hate?


That gif had me doing the belly guffaw! I think I peeled a life from a few of the cats with that one!


yours got me laughing as well! i woke @Molly_Mcghee up!


OOPS! How’s her recovery coming along? Sorry @Molly_Mcghee!


She needed to wake up and take her meds anyway, she is coming along very well! Much better than expected!




I’ve been asleep most of the day!! I should be awake for a couple of hours, or I won’t sleep tonight! :joy:


I know that dance ALL too well, unfortunately. My body clock is so wonky, I swear I can’t tell what time zone it’s decided to follow from one day to the next! Some days I’m on PST, next I’m running GMT, who knows where the hell I’ll end up!


Actually me:


Substantially more body hair than I would have guessed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re cute as a button though!


Don’t judge me!!!


I’ve got them too! And they are some kind of bat shit crazy ants that run faster than I have ever seen an ant run. I don’t know if they got into the coffee or my nicotine or what?? I put out bowls of onions in water, seemed to fix the problem, if you don’t mind smelling onions all over your house. But now that the onions are gone, they are back! And I keep getting bit too!


get the granular and liqud bates they will get you all fixed up!


@paingawd Slowtech is right. I only ordered from them once, but couldn’t take the slow boat shipping. I remember reading another member mentioned “surprise” as well. He said it took soooooo long to arrive, by the time it did, he had forgotten he had ordered it, so it was indeed SURPRISE VAPE MAIL LOL !!!


At the moment it appears that anything shipped to me by any vendor using Singapore post takes a millennia to arrive - I got a set of coils I ordered for a customer that arrived Monday that took TWO months in transit - I could have walked there quicker - my tip avoid Singapore post if possible.


Anyone got a discount code for one of these?

Never mind. Just read the reviews and apparently there are issues with the machine-gun jublies.


Ordering from any of the Chinese vendors like Fasttech, GearBest, efun.top 3F or 3A is great for items that you’d LIKE to have but don’t NEED. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen somebody post on a forum “I placed my order 3 days ago-WHERETHEHELLISMYSTUFFF!!!” It’s usually then that I type that first sentence-Can’t even begin to think how many times.

It’s kind of nice getting packages from past-you in the mail, tho! I always treat them as an “Atta BOY!” Sort of a pat on the back from myself to myself.


I’ve never tried onions. Usually when they show up, I go raid a bay tree or eucalyptus for a branch or twelve-seems to keep the little buggers out of the spice cabinet, anyways. Eucalyptus is good for fleas as well, although since we’ve been using Frontline on the cats we haven’t had the flea problem. They’re mostly all indoor/outdoor-Out during the day, then we herd them in at night to keep them safe from foxes and skunks.




Jublies? Ahhhh ha ha ha LMAO! :joy:


I tried the onions because of my dog. He seems sensitive to chemicals and I am afraid he will think ant traps are toys and the bait is for him to eat. He is adorable, a bit dopey, and will eat anything! The onions were placed well out of his reach, since they are bad for dogs. The smell is supposed to make the ants lose their sense of direction and they can’t follow scent trails. I have not found where they are coming from, but I am so freaked out that I am going to open something and find a billion of them as you mentioned! That was before reading thes latest posts. Now I am really freaked. I put cotton balls all around with peppermint on them. But I need to make an indoor essential oil bug repellent spray to use all over.

The ticks here have become resistant to frontline! We live in the mountains, no far from the Appalachian trail, so ticks are a huge issue. Especially deer ticks because of the large deer population. So our vet recommended a soresto collar instead of frontline. But it gave the poor Ziggy a chemical burn. This started my search into natural remedies for flea and tick protection and using essential oils to protect the house. Boy, that is a whole different rabbit hole that could suck me in!! I found a way to make a natural flea and tick collor for him using Essential oils and some household ingredients. It gets soaked once per month and dried over night. And the remaining solution in the dish after soaking can be put in a spray bottle to spray on you and the dog before going out in the woods or deep grass.