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What do you really hate?


We’ve got ticks here in NorCal too, but thankfully we don’t seem to get too many where we are in town. Even though I’ve had a few herds of deer use my backyard as a combination Smorgy and motel, they haven’t seemed to be too infested. Then again, I’m also not going to give Bambi a good close looking over…


I hate when I find out the deal I got wasn’t as cheap as the next guys. xD But… mine is a 6ml tank and I got 20% off and free shipping. So… $11.72. :wink:
Oh and then reading the Supreme is better. :thinking:


get some cyonara 9.7 insecticide and use .2-.4ml per gallon of water. best stuff ever. smells like almond but doesnt linger. this is the only thing that will knock out everything including brown recluse. if you cant find this online, go to your local farm chemical dealer and see if you can get warrior insecticide. i tsp/gallon water on that one. very dangerous stuff though. or you could mix a boric acid solution and spray that. cyonara 9.7 though. good stuff


That’s Post Traumatic Ant Disorder, I have it too. It was carpenter ants for me too. They had nested in one of those realistic dolls full of that goo stuff in my daughters room in the back of a closet.



When the exterminator found the thing I almost passed out. The worst thing was, that doll had only been in that closet for 2-3 weeks. That’s how fast those things can just take over your house.


That is absolutely disgusting. Makes the ant I found in my bed last night seem like not such big thing…


One ant probably took a ride in on your shoe or something… when you see more than 5-7 of them lurking in the same place, you have a problem and you have to do something right away.


I’d like to take a second and thank @paingawd, @SessionDrummer, @VapeyMama, @Jenny1978 and whoever else shared their ant horror stories… they provided some pretty gnarly hyrocodone fueled nightmare fodder last night! Only then to be woken up by these yahoos who know less about proper concrete removal than I do.


You should throw a bag of ants at them. :joy:


Do you have a bag of ants laying around @VapeyMama??


Of course, don’t you?!!


I must’ve left it in my purse!!!


I just keep mine on my window sill in case there are construction workers outside. I have no room in my purse, its full of half vaped bottles of juice.


For everyone that loves ants!



I hate being so excited about the new mods in the box that you forget you ordered a package of coils, never take them out of the box and throw the box away. 10 days later the day after you had your recycle bin picked up you realize you need one of the new coils only to discover the box isn’t with the other coils you have and upon further reflection and thought you remember not even taking them out of the box. oh well I ordered two more lets see if I can keep track of them this time.


I take your pet ant and raise you my pet spider - @R113 hey Russ he is back


I see your pet spider and raise you a happy spider!