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What do you really hate?


Oooh yeah, those are the two things I lose most often. :rage:


I have thought about making a pouch that goes around my neck while I am at home but would need one for my coffee cup too…LOL



I just use the paint pens from Sharpie. The paint is water resistant and comes off with finger nail polish remover. Easy’peezy.


Little tip…

Soak the bottles in soapy water
Peel off as much as you can by rubbing it off
The sticky residue can be removed by putting some vegetable oil on a paper towel along with some baking soda and rubbing the bottle with it. Comes out clean as a whistle and no damage to the precious nails.


Ok, so I did this! Some of the labels started slipping off like prom dresses. Then I got all cocky and I guess karma was all, “oh no you didn’t” and made the rest stick and ruin my nails. Moral of the story, don’t be a cocky bitch. :laughing:


I’m not saying anything. It’s taking effort, though. :wink:


It’s just to tempting I don’t know if I can resist very long.


I’m sure my hubby is going to hate it when he figures out I’ve renamed all his bottle labels with gibberish. hehe


That’s just wrong! LOL


I would lean towards evil genius lol @Amberina


Ah, see, I actually left very subtle hints to what they were amongst the gibberish, like ‘La Poodlay Menagerie Ploz’ is obviously Lemon Meringue Pie. We’ll, not obviously, but he’ll figure it out eventually.


Totally obvious! :laughing:


Hot water soap or arm and hammer super washing soda. Let soak a bit and the labels pull off. OR use a little heat from a torch on the label only and it will usually come off with no sticky residue


Sucks getting old


This, SO much this: http://adultslikeflavors.org
Freaking nanny state mentality!


It’s all about the children


warm toilet seats and iv needles


I had a warm toilet seat coupled with a ‘ghost poo’ today at work…it was a most unsatisfying experience…:disappointed:


Nope, don’t wanna know what that it’s. :scream::ghost: