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What do you really hate?


And he dances as well!


I see your happy spider and raise you a funnel web spider whose fangs can pierce a thumbnail


I like ant eaters tho :grinning:


I see your funnel web spider and give you!


I’d like to offer my services for you but it has to be quick I’m not too fond of spider after last summer


Oh funnel web would catch the boot no issues at all but the huntsman while he/she is big they are harmless that one is about 5 inches across


No thank you.



If it works that well, I’m sure that the eggheads in Sacramento have already outlawed it. Any and every chemically-based product that is number one in its field of use has been deemed ‘icky’ by the Powers That Be, had Prop 65 warning labels tattooed upon the maker’s backside and shipped off to Mt. Shasta to be buried with the alien corpses




Wow! He’s much larger than before too! Send him my greetings


Why not give him a boot for a house? Spiders have homes right? The picture shows his eyes! He is larger that the can light now.


Spoken with the fervor of a native Californian. I lost the most expensive pair of glasses I ever owned on Mt Shasta. At least now I know who took them.


That mountain has got some seriously bad Ju-Ju! Every time I go to Redding or Oregon, I cannot rest comfortably until I am away from that evil pile of rock’s gauze. Gives me the piss-shivers just thinking about it!


But its amazing and beautiful. I was in awe the first time I saw it… and frankly kind of creeped out by the fog around the base and foothills.


That’s how they lure you in…Everything seems all calm and serene and beautiful, until…


Can’t say they didn’t warn her. lol
(the cyclist, not Maureeenie)


I think I got it from diypestcontrol.com. I think this is better than terminix and will cancel my service. It’s sort of expensive yet I only make 1 treatment per year. Kills everything from ants to scorpions.the product has to dry then the bug walks through it. They are then marked for death and disappear. Brown recluse spiders are thick in this old house and if I don’t eradicate them then I’m in trouble as they are one of the worst species in the US.

I stand corrected. It’s here: http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/cyonara-97-p-428.html?keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4IfxsabO1QIVHJ7ACh2ceAYpEAQYAiABEgJbT_D_BwE


You know I have heard of people finding a nest of those in the walls of there house!


What’s so bad about the mountain? Is it haunted? Mean? Does it make fun of your hair? Giggle at you while you take a leak? Couldn’t be that bad.


Warrior insecticide is an even more restrictive insecticide than before but has a residual property to it and continues to work for a long time. Cyonara 9.7 is just as effective if not more so and anyone can buy it.