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What do you really hate?


Those are both very good options!


I’m fairly certain it is an agricultural insecticide with a lower concentration and different name. If someone doesn’t want to use chemical then glue boards work great! For science


Why the hell did I google spiders after reading this?

Also, seriously, some brown recluse bites end up so damn nasty o.o I remember when I was a teenager I got bit by a spider and worried it might be one and my great grandfather cut a chunk of skin out of my hand and said “we’ll go to the doctor if that looks worse tomorrow.”

I have no idea if that was necessary or would have worked on a brown recluse bite if it had been one mind – but you kinda forget about home medical care these days, old coots like him are nearly all gone, including him last year.


Prevention is the best treatment. Those brown recluse bites are very yucky and I absolutely hate those spiders!


We are firm believers in bathroom surgery!!! :joy:


Yes I have had several!


Sorry! I do like the idea of dropping a large amount of ants on them!


My great-grandpa took a drill press to my fingernail after I dropped a large piece of brass stock onto my hand. As soon as he saw it drop and before I could even THINK to start crying, he scooped me up and went straight to the drill press. By the time he turned it on, the blood blister was starting to form under my fingernail. He simply said, “Close your eyes. Don’t move.”, then proceeded to drill a very small hole into my fingernail. As soon as he had passed through the nail with the bit, he backed it off, grabbed a greasy rag from the workbench and held pressure until the bleeding stopped. I guess sometimes master machinists make some great ad-hoc surgeons.


Between the aliens and the other beings that live in the hollows? There’s just some weird energy up there, man. Totally harshed my aura and misaligned my crown chakra.


what? ok. thats it. we all are gonna have a grand ELR get together there next spring.

aside from that, could you be specific? like what happened in detail and why the mountain is haunted


Yep… and then I lost my glasses.


People from miles around will see the ELR vape plumes and think the volcano is about to erupt! :cloud: :volcano: :cloud:


That’s a great idea!


I’ll go but I will have to get contact lenses and carry a crucifix.


Don’t forget to wear contacts and/or bring cheap glasses to sacrifice to the mountain!

Lol you beat me to it. :wink:


I think that mountain would just throw back the dollar store sunglasses… just saying. (lol)

My grand daughter is actually terrified of what she calls “Mountain Hood”.


Now I’m scared that it might try to pull the contacts right out of my eyes… :eyes:


I have a theory about the Cascades… (this is awesome your gonna love it)

If you fly over the range you see that Rainier and St Helens have blown its top… Hood has a big zit growing on it right now.

I’ve had 3 incidents up there:

On the Sisters, my Tranny caught on fire at 6,000 feet with 3 kids in the car. On St Helen’s I was driving on the South East side and came upon a chunk of road that had within the last few hours had just broken off and fallen down the mountain. I had to back up a good 3 to 4 hundred feet to get to a turn out to get back down the mountain.

I’m not sure if the Indians cursed it because of Lewis and Clark or mother nature is just warning people the whole damn range of mountains is just going to blow itself to kingdom come some day… but yeah. I don’t know, but it’s dark and weird … somethin aint right!


Scary. We should still go. And with better sacrifices than dollar store glasses. Hmmm, who… I mean what can we sacrifice…? :thinking:


I can think of a few people… oh… whoops did I say that out loud? I meant a few inanimate objects…

We absolutely should organize something to get the band together. Mt Shasta is perfect. However… if “I” were arranging this I would try to arrange it near a major airport hub for the cheapest flights.

If you guys are thinking the Cascades (all spooky, dark and cool like that) then we should make it somewhere near Sea-Tac airport because Seattle’s a big airport. The Olympics are the ultimate cool with green mold and slugs and stuff… just sayin…