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What do you really hate?


I’d say bite me but I think that’s the whole point.

Damn funny twice. bite and point. lmao


Ants ?? PFFFFT



A spare tank? Battery?


Its gotta be good. I don’t want to die! :laughing:


I’m taking the lazy way out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legends_of_Mount_Shasta


Actually, that’s not lazy. That’s just working smart and I respect that.

Now, I know this is going to sound crazy but I personally think it’s the whole Cascade range and potentially indirectly related to the Shanghai curse of Portland.

In my case, the misfortune I suffered while living there may be a generational curse for which the great ancestral tribal spirits or the great mother rock of Mt. Hood were still looking for some payback.

My great grandfather was a wealthy lumberman from England named Turner. He started his raping of the land mercilessly cutting down trees in northern Ohio and then became ill and was advised to move to the PNW to regain his health. While there, he continued his exploits cutting down trees, like lumberman do.

You can never say for sure but again… “somethin ain’t right”.


There’s a whole lot of bad karma that’s been building, all in the name of progress. It doesn’t sound crazy at all. I’ve often wondered about the things Man does in the name of Prrogress-is it worse to be done without the thought of the potential backlash, or to know what is going to happen and not care so long as the coffer gets filled?


I was at a conference in San Francisco when I lived near Portland in 1998 on a beautiful clear day along the Cascades. It was one of those days when you could almost see from the Sisters all the way up the ridge to Mt. Hood from the plane.

I had a window seat and looked down on the mountains the whole ride and saw the giant clear cut patches of old growth forests on the western flanks of the mountains of Oregon and I wanted to cry. I was sick from what I saw.

It does not need to be this way. They can harvest wood and re-plant trees in small patches… its unbelievable.


but if they did that they wouldn’t make as much money!


I know. The paper companies contribute much to the economy of the state too.


Better yet, cycle fields of hemp through the “bread basket” and use the hemp for paper, clothing, oil for cooking, fuel…but no. Got to stop the growth of the evil rope dope!


I know that too. The damn country was built on hemp and at some point they decided it was bad? Really?


They can make furniture from composites and petroleum products too… God knows they pull enough oil out of the ground.


the whole reason hemp was band was because of paper!


Its heartbreakingly stupid.


Many thanks to Tricky Dick and the Chem Brigade, we now have some of the most potent pot that’s ever been grown, so it’s not all bad…Unless you’re like me and get horrible anxiety from THC.


how about i get random tests!


Very sad for you!!! :disappointed_relieved:


it could me worse, and if that’s all i don’t get to have no big loss!