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What do you really hate?


Because there is a city below the peaks of mount Shasta, those people need things like glasses, clothing, food and vape gear so we all might have to bring a donation to the mountain. I hope we don’t get mauled by bears


I hate Beijing customs >.> Sometimes it goes thru in just a couple hours – prolly because there’s a container available right then and nobody checks the last few things they throw on it. And sometimes, like this one, it’s been sitting there since 27 July.


nah, they are waiting for there pay off to let the shipment go.


I used to have to do those too. Come to think of it, I still do! Every time I go in for med refills, I may or may not have to do a random drug screen. Hell, the first time I went to the local med clinic because I was having anxiety attacks, I had to do a urine drug screen before they would write a prescription. I take some heavy duty pills for pain control, so imagine my surprise when they told me that my test came back negative for ANYTHING. They threatened to call PD, I threatened right back to call CAP(Organization that inspects and rates medical laboratories) and JACO(Gov’t organization that inspects hospitals) to have the hospital lab inspected. After much screaming on my part, they finally got it through their thick skulls to look into why my specimen came back negative. Turns out they confused my specimen with someone else’s. I only hope that it wasn’t an expectant mother, as those “positives” would have started a call to CPS.


Wow! I hope they didn’t ruin someone’s life with that stupid mistake! Shit like that shouldn’t happen, they are supposed to triple check that shit!


What was even MORE maddening was that NO ONE would listen to me. It wasn’t until I asked to speak with the hospital COO that someone finally listened to what I was saying. Maddening.


Wow! The majority of them don’t listen, they wait for there turn to speak, it’s the whole God complex.


This kind of stuff happens so much more than people realize. Most times people in the medical profession are so caught up in being high and mighty that they refuse to admit that mistakes can and do happen all of the time. And from personal experience working in the field, these aren’t smart people. You don’t have to be intelligent to be a lab tech or even a doctor. You just need to be good at taking tests. And with all of the new criteria that has to be met from the government, medical companies are pushing their employees through all sorts of underhanded “certification” processes. Scary stuff. Super scary.


Oh, trust me when I say I know ALL too well some of the nitwits that go into medicine. I worked in the field for over 20 years, with the majority of those in the lab side. I was a Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t see at LEAST one utter fuckup or three. Want to know what’s even scarier? Usually the ones that show up every day, but are dumber than a bag of hammers are the ones that get promoted into management! It’s like rather than getting fired, the hospitals just keep promoting them into wherever they can do the least amount of damage! whuduhfuh???


There aren’t enough 20700 mods! Also the 21700 is coming out soon-ish so there may not be any in the pipeline and gonna have to wait.

Might just buy a second captain >.> Cause I’m not spending 250 USD on the Boxxer. I don’t have that kind of cash for a mod man XD.


Cars are hot – I kinda melted some stuff leaving it in my car over the weekend. . . .and e-liquid went all over the things >.<

On the flip side, during the winter I use my car as a make-shift mini-fridge.


Oh tis worse, allergic to THC


Wow that sucks!


In june when we grocery shopped we somehow left a half pound of European butter on the floor in the back seat. Amazing how little solids there are in butter. lol


Years ago I bought an expensive (well for me anyway) pair of sunglasses wore them three or four days, managed to leave them in my work truck over the weekend, they were right on the dashboard. Monday morning I jumped in my truck, low and behold I was looking through a mosaic. So much for expensive sunglases for me.


When my threads get derailed

In fact @daath should make a badge for people that have derailed more than 25 threads. lmao


I think I have that “badge”!


Lol. Tell me more…since now I am known as crispy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Which makes me think about bags of Tortilla chips and how the bottom half is all broken…that really grinds my gears.


If they are a good brand of sunglasses they usually have a lifetime warranty. As long as you don’t loose them :rofl: