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What do you really hate?



More about the people who have children, and don’t want to raise them! Adults like flavor too lol! “I don’t want my precious to vape, so no one should be able to either” is what I get out of a lot of it anymore… a lot of dumb laws being passed because people can’t be bothered to watch their own kids. Getting off of my soap box now, just really passionate about idiots trying to dictate my life to me lol


I’m sorry. I was being very sarcastic


No need to be, I figured that you were being sarcastic. This whole FDA/TPD thing just has me a little pissy still lol. Nothing but love for my brothers and sisters in arms here :blush:


Hard to feel the tone in text. I’ll keep that in mind next time. I sure hope the flavoring companies don’t pull the rug out from under us in a few years. I could see that happening in a few. However. I’m glad I don’t live in California anymore either.


It always is. That was certainly, in no way, directed at you my friend.

CA is a strange case, they can be extremely progressive, and in the same breath, just so freaking backwards! Only thing that really scares me, is the domino effect.


If things get too crazy those politicians will not get reelected so that might be something to consider. I’m really happy thougjh about this forum and diy because of the current cost of commercial e liquid, ingredients in the stuff, plus I have more control of the finished product


I hate when I miss a DHL delivery with $175 dollars worth of vape gear from Hong Kong and because it is Memorial Day Weekend, the next available delivery is 4 days away on Tuesday. And I only missed it by 1/2 hour.


Having to order $50 or more to get free shipping.


When people cough obnoxiously at my vape smoke with a frantic arm wave and scowl.


Lmao like that’s hard to do! :joy:


When you you take a new juice to work and it tastes alittle flat and your not sure if it’s the recipie or the new build once the rda. Uggg!!!

And when you vape on the side walk and you cover the whole place with vape and someone has to walk by through the cloud.


Fixing the tire on my daughters bike, forget to wash my hands after and rewick my tank. TPA raisin tastes like heaven compare to that :grimacing:


MMMMMMmmmm Vulcanized Rubber. Now that’s a flavor I haven’t cooked up yet but it’s in the range of Bob’s Savory Selections for sure.
Something with that New Tire Smell to it



Apr 28

What do I really hate? Comcast. Comcast. Comcast.

I hate Consumer Cellular, I’ll bet the employees there have severe muscle problems from dodging the question and jumping out of the way of a direct answer. Ducking the truth. Damn I’ll be their workers comp is off the charts. I bought my wife a new Motorola phone, put the sim card in it called them to let them know of the new phone so they could change anything they needed and was told that in no way would a Motorola phone even work on their network! I told the idiot I was talking to him on one using my wife’s sim. He argued with me that it couldn’t be. This was about a year ago. I log in yesterday to look at something and stumble on the phones they sell on their website Guess what brand they are now selling. Yep Motorola’s. Those assholes could find their butt with both hands superglued deep in their crack!





I hate seeing that a package has arrived via email, only to find that I require a pry bar to excise said package from my mailbox! My Postal Carrier is a lazy jerk.


Our local PO seems to give packages, boxes in particular that extra special attention sorta like this as many of my boxes look even worse then this when I pry them loose from the stuffing they’ve gotten being a round peg hammered into a square hole.



That’s an apt representation. Thankfully, Real Flavors and Nicotine River both use PET bottles for their concentrates! LOL!


Talk about intoxicating! I LOVE the smell of fresh tires. Smells like grippy funtime on curvy backroads!