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What do you really hate?


Ain’t it the fucking TRUTH!!!

Testify brother!!
Can I get an Amen?!!




I have easily eaten that many but I still can’t shoot webbing from my wrists, climb walls or fight crime. I did however swallow a moth once and have been attracted to birthday candles since.

Maybe I’m just fat and addicted to birthday cake…who knows?


You have to get the radioactive spiders, silly!!!


Didn’t think that was important…


That’s the most important part!


I took a dragonfly to the forehead while on a motorcycle once. It gave me a hell of a headache, but that was about the extent of my superpowers.


Ouch. I’ve had friends that have taken June bugs to the noggin. I was wearing an open,face helmet once and had something fly right in between my helmet and head. Lodged in tight behind my ear and stung or bit the fuck out of me. I was beating the side of helmet for all it was worth. Probably looked pretty funny to anyone that was riding behind me or passing,by.


I was being extremely stupid and not wearing a helmet. Little fucker got me right between the eyes at about 45-50 mph. The worst part is that I saw it coming, knew it was gonna hit me in the face/eyes and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do except hold on and not flinch. That’s the key to life, I guess…


Works for anal too. So I’ve heard.


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself


Imagine the headache that poor dragonfly had!


Oh, I could! I’m sure it’s head hurt like hell just before it splattered all over my eyebrows and forehead! Juicy big bastard, too.


No worries here-I can take it!



Bahaha! Well played sir.


The only thing I’ve swallowed of the insect nature was a bee. :honeybee: I was looking into a hole in a tree when I was around 5 yrs old. My mouth was open for some damn reason and a bee flew out, straight into my mouth and I swallowed. Reflex xD
Now because of this convo I realized why I have Trypophobia …fear of holes.
And my favorite scary show that I’ve been waiting to air, Season 7 American Horror Story is based on Trypophobia . Son of a biiiiitch. :scream_cat:


I wish I could watch you watch that!


I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it… I’ll try but it literally makes me sick. :nauseated_face:


So, like honeycomb? Does that bother you?


Yes any pattern of holes. It gives me the creeps. Google Trypophobia and you will seeee. :scream_cat: