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What do you really hate?


I could see that… that’s kinda creepy and gross.


Maybe a live stream on Twitch? Think people would pay to watch?

I’ve been dealing with pharmacies and insurance companies(AGAIN.):rage: So I’m feeling a bit evil and full of bile.


Yes I think they would! Hey @Mew you wanna do that? Bet yo could make a killing!


That’s not very nice!! I’ll come watch with you and let you hold my little frog for comfort, @Mew!

Well, maybe not comfort…


what a cute little guy! i’m sure @Mew would love him!


Sorry, @Mew!! I couldn’t resist. If it makes it any better, I suffer from arachnophobia and I love frogs (as you can probably tell from the pictures). So that pic of the tarantula with it’s pet frog was particularly torturous for me! I wanted to look away, but I was mesmerized by the frog!!! :joy:


You’re a special kind of evil, aren’t you?


no she is a sweetheart!


Just another victim of the healthcare field,


you should see what she does to me!


So, is she a sweetheart, or evil for what she does to you?

Wait, I get it! she’s a sweetheart for WHAT she does to you! You kinky little monkey!


maybe she is a sweetheart for what she lets me do to her, and evil for what she does to me!


Don’t be telling all of our secrets!!!


I didn’t think that was a secret! I’m sorry please don’t beat me again!


Nobody buys that…


But, but, but, it might be true!


Keep it up, bucko


Silly exhibitionists… No one’s watching. =P


I hate being in the ER for hours without a shower or coffee and worrying about my kid.

He’s fine, or will be. Spent the entire night vomiting and complaining about abdominal pain on the right side. I thought it was appendicitis, the ER doctor thought it was appendicitis, but a CT scan showed everything in that area is OK. Guess there’s a viral thing going around that mimics appendicitis symptoms.


Eeek!!! Super scary!! Glad he gets to avoid surgery, though!