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What do you really hate?


we are too.
It didn’t help that I was craving bacon and wouldn’t shut-up about it. Bacon is his favorite vegetable.


Hmmm I do get Twitch free with Amazon Prime but never used it. I’m not a big online gamer unless you count Second Life. I have all kinds of fun playing that. :wink:

@Molly_Mcghee that frog wouldn’t comfort me and spiders scare the shit out of me too. :scream_cat:


How about a stuffed dog that smells of strawberry?


a cat riding a telescope with a chicken bucket in its head! i never thought i would see the day!
the second one is just hot!


that’s the dog i got you before i left the last time!


As long as it doesn’t have any holes in it… :wink:
@Cutlass92 that kitty is wearing a Buckethead hat. And the second is my avatar. I got busted for smoking a doobie… :rofl:


i stand corrected on the kitty! and your such a bad girl! you need a spanking!


Sorry to hear about it being bad enough to have to visit the hospital… But glad it’s “not serious”.

Lol’d @ the “bacon is his favorite vegetable” comment!


I stand corrected… That kitty is my avatar too. xD I love to play dress up. And I love spankings more now than when I was little. :wink: Here’s my bad girl face.


YES!!! 10char


No holes!!! And he has an Army helmet, :smile:


Holy Hanna! It’s Buckethead’s kitty!


Man, ER’s suck! Glad to hear that the mini-marble is alright!



Thank you.

Mini-marble…I’m going to start calling him that. LOL
He’s actually taller than I am.


Funny this hate thread just wont die… hmmmm… no, I wont do it. Nope, no no no.


Look at the bright side… This one is much more subdued than the one you started :wink:


LMAO. That’s funny right there!


We know You are!


Well…mine was sensitive.