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What do you really hate?


TC usually is. Especially when you use SS! :wink: :rofl:




Is it anyone’s job, I mean really?


Oh absolutely!
What? You’ve never heard of a “Yes man”?
(frequently the boss’s right hand man)


Nope but people just expect it. :roll_eyes:


If I would have won the 700+ million dollar lottery, you’re damn right it would be someone’s job! :laughing:


Yes sir! That’s absolutely right!


/WHAT? He’s talking 700 MILLION. Don’t judge me. =P It’s not like he’s asking me to vote for putting a complete buffoon in office.


That mango peels have urushiol in them. A few days ago I got a couple mangos for my kiddo cuz they’re her favorite. I know she’s highly allergic to the peels so I have to cut them up and then take the peel off. I usually chew off the mango flesh left on them and the pit. Bad idea this go around. It’s been almost a week and my lips are finally not itchy anymore, but they like sandpaper. :confounded:

Word to the wise, if you’re allergic to poison ivy, peel your mangoes.


Oh wow… I didn’t know that was a thing! Major bummer. :frowning:


Hey, so is he ok? I know those things can last a little bit, just wondering since reading that. Hope they feel better :slight_smile:.


Thank you for asking!
Yeah he’s back to normal now. It lasted about three days and he thinks he got it at Jack in the Box. Kinda funny to watch him squirm whenever we drive by. Of course he didn’t call and tell his mom so I caught a lot of crap for that. LOL


Aw, at least it didn’t last too long. Last year we had to go to the ER for this crazy stomach bug, it was awful. Glad he’s feeling better! You shouldn’t have caught flack for that, you obviously can’t use your phone in the ER and you had alot going on at the time.


s’ok, I’m used to it LOL


I hate that feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when hubby answers his phone and instantly switches to SGT mode.


Like this?


Needing a system minimum of a quad core and 8GB ram just to navigate this bastardized version of the internets…

I run Waterfox with 17 addons and half are just for security so my puter dont get the herpes… I am this . close to going back to the Gopher Web.

Dont get me started on cell phones…

Whwhewheres the other 13where are they _56cdc577a297f2dbd6ebb895901d62f7


Haha, not quite.


What do I really hate
When you order vape stuffs from somewhere like S-V early in the morning and late that afternoon you get that wonderful email that says they’ve shipped it. When you track it USPS tells you “label Created preshipment” Then the damn thing sits there for 4 or 5 days before they bother to give it the damn mail man


The Good Morning America staff they are all a bunch of stupid sheep that accept what they are told without even bothering to learn anything.


After really nice summer holidays where i wasn’t grumpy for 4 weeks in one stretch i returned to work this week.
I work in a school as an ICT guy. We have a ticketing system where you can log all your IT related issues.
Some people think that if they tell me what they need it for it will be picked up quicker so they say " I need this to work so i can do X,Y or Z.

I do not want to know that. I am aware your shit’s not working and that this is bad for you.Otherwise you wouldn’t log the bloody ticket. And yes, I am aware that without you doing your job the school would burst into flames immediately because you’re so special.

So yeah, that’s one of the things i really hate. And i can never tell them…