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What do you really hate?


Just smile and nod. Smile and nod.


I have a job interview this afternoon. I hate interviewing. I hate the questions they ask. I hate meeting 30 people all at once. And I really hate starting a new job. I’m so anxious I might vomit on her desk.


I will print these words first thing tomorrow morning and stick them on top of my monitor. Thanks for that!


Oh and i should add an image of Twisty the clown from American Horror Story.


Especially if it’s the janitor wanting to check his email to find out if he won janitor of the year


Chill, you can do it, just think as soon as it’s over you can go to your car and vape yourself blind on the way home. pat yourself on the back that’s from me now imagine a reassuring voice saying you can do it all you have to do is be yourself and WOW the hell out of em :wink:


Oh she will, she always does! It’s so far away from the house with a bunch of road construction in between so she doesn’t really want it anyway. Well unless they pay enough.


Good luck beaut! You’ll nail it :+1:


Thanks! I think it went alright. One of the stranger interviews I’ve been on. He asked questions like “if you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?” After I stopped “what the fuck?!?” from coming out of my mouth, I answered “frogs, I like frogs. That way I could be in the water and on land for the versatility. And I’d be able to jump really far.” I’m not sure that was the correct answer, but that’s what I had with me at the time. :joy::frog:


My husband’s old boss said he asks questions like that just to fuck with people!


I figured it’s just to see how quickly I can think on my feet. The worse question was “what celebrity do you want to meet and what do you want to say to them?” Because I DON’T CARE about celebrities at all. I couldn’t think of anyone except George fucking Lucas. So he asked why I’d want to meet him. And I said, “I don’t.” :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Lmfao :laughing:


I deal with chronic pain and also deal with A LOT of red tape with getting medications. I have gone through unnecessary withdrawals on quite a few occasions due to the red tape. That’s NOT fun, especially when dealing with severe pain. I’ve been treated like an addict and a junkie on many occasions at pharmacies trying to get prescriptions filled! And now the new laws in Pennsylvania make it so hard for chronic pain sufferers to get their medication from doctors for fear of being told they are writing too many narcotic prescriptions by the state. Random drug testing for all regular users of narcotics, done by your doctor, are part of the law. These laws were meant to make it harder for drug abusers to get meds and meant to lead to less meth addiction because apparently that’s what we ALL turn when pain killers just don’t cut it! The junkies can still get what they need. The patients who are responsible are suffering! It’s just crazy!


I can relate to this as well. After my BFF had her total knee replacement and was released from the hospital, I had to help her galavant all over Central Indiana trying to find a pharmacy that had enough of pain medicine to fill her Rx. In our county, each pharmacy is only allowed an allotment of narcotics each month. However, I could theoretically still walk across the street and have ample access to narcotics, meth, and heroin at any given time. The law doesn’t work.


It’s almost that bad here in CA as well. I’ve done that Red Tape Shuffle more times than I want to even think about(Just did it again this last month) and I’ve got one of the more “liberal” insurance companies. My Doc told me of a patient that was denied coverage of ibuprofen. Yes, the insurance company was more than willing to pay for Schedule II narcotics, but god forbid they shell out for some fucking Advil.

Pardon my French, it’s been a rough month. Thankfully, I planned ahead and had a small “emergency stash” of meds to keep me from going into complete withdrawl, but self-titrating off meds is a bitch when all you want is some damn pain relief. The really screwed up thing? If I’d taken the pay-off when they offered to settle my Worker’s Comp case two months after I was injured, I could have flown First Class(round trip) to Germany, had the surgery on my neck, stayed a week in a nice hotel, and then flown home and gone right back to work in a month. But, because the way the Comp laws are written, I had to dick around with physical therapy, meds, multiple failed attempts to go back to work(How many people want a phlebotomist that can’t feel their veins??!?) and countless Dr. visits before the insurance company finally said “OK, guess you need surgery.” My surgeon was livid-he railed and ranted that he should have seen me eight months before. EIGHT. MONTHS. Now, I’ve got a surgically stable neck, but permanent and degenerative neuropathy. YAY.


I used to do the same freakin’ thing! I loved watching their faces when they were trying to process that one. Good times! Guess I got the idea from Monty Python’s Interview sketch.


I’m sure you did just fine. If I’d have been interviewing you and heard that answer(re:George Lucas) I’d have been laughing my substantial ass off!!

And you would have been hired on the spot.


Goooooood niiiiiight!!! A-ring-ding-ding-ding!


Single concentrate recipes with a fancy name, nothing worse than thinking mmmm… that sounds nice… you click the recipe, it opens… and there’s one flavour!! Not really a recipe in my book… :yum::blush::joy: just my opinion…


I hate having car problems. Driving back into town from my Dr’s appointment, the water pump on my trusty rusty F150 decided to go Tango Uniform. Spewed coolant everywhere and a shredded serpentine belt may or may not have cut some hoses to boot. Got a tow to the shop, no one was home to give me a ride so I got to hoof it back home. I’m not used to doing a three mile walk, and the hills in my little town didn’t help matters much. Thank gawd I stopped smoking, tho! I would NOT have made that walk very well if I was still sucking down cancer sticks.

Which leads me to another hate: I hate when I run out of the house without an extra battery. I figured I’d only be gone for an hour, so why stuff more crap into my pocket, right? NOPE. Battery died while I was waiting for the tow truck. _grumble, grumble, grumble,_Which leads to my third hate of the day…

Vape shops and their ridiculous mark up on items. After my truck was towed to the shop, I decided since I was on the hoof for the rest of my journey, I’d splurge and get an extra battery. There’s a vape shop right down the street from the mechanic, and it was on the way, so…serendipity, right? I went in to the shop and asked for their least expensive battery. Samsung 25R for $13.

She then told me that they were having a special, two for $22. No case, tho. That’s another $4.