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What do you really hate?


This will save you some time!


That is horrible! I’m so sorry to hear that! I now understand your user name!

I’ve been through the whole chiropractor then PT then pain management then medication then “we’ll pay for X Y or Z” situation. In a lot of back and neck pain situations, PT is best for after you are fixed or have sufficient pain relief and then can work on strengthening the muscles and be able to function normally. It works wonderfully for this! But if you are in constant pain, and need surgery or a treatment to relieve it, PT is a nightmare! It only irritates the pain, in my experience! I know there are many things that can be fixed with PT, but it should not be a requirement for getting much needed treatment!

I just went through a horrible withdrawal period because of the new laws, so I am still quite bitter and not back to how well I was before I went a week without my medication.

It hurts me to hear that you’ve self titrated your medication to create an emergency stash for when this happens! While smart, because sadly it will happen, it is not easy to do by any means when it is much needed! I think the fact that you did it is amazing!


Thanks Molly! No, these laws do not work for those who obey the law. I think they make the problems they are trying to fix worse!


LMFAO! This is so great!


Ooh, rough day!! Sorry to hear!


I want to be a cat so I sleep 16 hours a day. Why? Because there is a shit ton of politics in my current job where my deliverables change on a moments notice with a due date of yesterday.

(the conversation in my head, I hear myself say, “Make up your damn minds, would ya?”. Followed by “…should post this to 'What do you really hate thread…”)


Oh, don’t get me wrong-PT is a valuable tool in recuperating, but when there’s a physical defect that only gets aggravated by doing stretches and even massage? Probably not the best place to be. When the Governator(AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger) got into the Governor’s seat here in CA, one of the first things he spearheaded was a complete gutting of the Worker’s Compensation system. While there were some fairly bad abuses of the previous system occurring, rather than getting the investigators out and finding the abusers of the system(ie: doing what they were ACTUALLY paid to do), he ordered a complete reworking of the WC which benefited the employers and the insurance companies but absolutely screwed the injured workers.

It’s basically the same thing that is going on with the Great Opioid Crackdown. Rather than go after the states that don’t have a centralized prescription drug monitoring system, they’re going after the patients and doctors. Damn near everyone knows that states like Florida are the biggest reason why we’ve got a opiate epidemic in this country(OK, that and the war in Afganistan, but we’ll keep the tin foil hats out of this conversation for now) But rather than cut those states off from ALL pharmaceuticals until they produced a viable plan for shutting down the “pill mills” and getting their medication tracking systems up and running, the Powers That Be have decided that anyone that takes these medications is a junkie/addict/loser that deserve nothing more than scorn and shackles. Meanwhile, the drug companies are setting record profits, the police and prison guard unions are getting more money from new hires, and the private prison industry is laughing all the way to the bank.
It’s the same problem we have in 90-95% of the issues that face America today. We know what the problems are and some people have some great ideas on how to fix those problems, but no one wants to ACTUALLY FIX those problems because then they wouldn’t get funding/tax revenues/payola in their pockets. Welcome to the Capitalist Oligarchy.


Have you ever tried medicinal marijuana instead of opioids for pain relief? And don’t get me started on the penal system. Ever wonder why people are sitting in jail or prison for selling or possessing pot while criminals of greater offenses are let out??? Because the system stands to lose millions in government funding from the Don’t do Drugs program. Seems a bit backwards to me. Nevada’s first four days of legal recreational marijuana sales produced $3 million in sales revenue and about $500,000 in tax revenue.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating illegal drug use but when you are sitting in jail on weed charges while some states are completely legal?? That would definitely piss me off. Especially if I were sitting there watching this new cooking show on the community TV.

I lost an Uncle to cancer because he refused chemo. I can’t help but think if he had access to medicinal marijuana he would have taken the treatment and might still be here. End of rant.
These guys are helping to change prohibition laws… https://www.mpp.org/


@VapeyMama thank you :blush::wink::+1: and good morning :blush::laughing::smiley:


I would much prefer to utilize marijuana for pain control over my current regimen of pharmaceuticals, but there are two issues that prevent me from doing so. They are:

  1. My physician has a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to MMJ. If a patient tests positive for cannabinoids , then he immediately terminates their account with his practice. Yes, I live in CA where MMJ is completely legal, and was even voted in for recreational usage by the residents of the state. He doesn’t care. He put it quite bluntly: If I piss positive for pot, I’m out.
  2. I can’t use marijuana. It gives me HORRIBLE anxiety. I used to not have this problem until I got a hold of some REALLY potent strain that a friend of mine was growing. Since smoking the Demon Weed(As he later named it) if I partake of any amount of THC, my system goes into full Fight or Flight mode. It sucks.


Are you getting spanked in this image? If so, maybe I should look into Second Life! :wink:


Maybe try vaping CBD oil. Find the kind of MMJ with no THC. Or get a different doctor. I know If I was in chronic pain everyday I’d be moving my ass to Colorado.
Nowadays there are hundreds of strains and many that help with anxiety. I tended to get paranoid when I smoked in my teens so I wasn’t a big fan. If it ever becomes legal here I will find the kind that doesn’t cause that.


Well… he was teaching me how to race a bike. I was one of the top riders in time trials a few months back but I haven’t played in awhile. Spanking? Not in that pic. But there’s lots of it in that game if you want. It’s a crazy world. Some a bit too out there. But loads of fun
Here’s my sailboat. It was naked sailing that day. xD


Do you know you can make cannabis oil? Bake half ounce in the oven on cooking paper for about 20 minutes to activate the THC then stick it in a jar and add pg/vg to your required amount give it a good stir and let it sit for 14-20 days stiring daily. Then get a coffee filter and pour the juice through to filter out the greenery. Bottle it up, sit back vape and get high!!! Try it… if you do let me know how you get on and if your stuck check YouTube for a tut…


Yes, it’s not legal in my state yet. But if and when that ever happens I’m definitely gonna vape it. Dry and oil. :wink:
I’m learning alot here.


It’s not legal here either, but… rules are made to be broken :wink::laughing::blush::+1::facepunch:


All I have ATM are edibles. So I guess I already am. :laughing:


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@Jenny1978 it’s not just your state hon, wifey and I are constantly looked down upon for having problems. Hell If I were a deadbeat and lived on welfare all my life I wouldn’t have hurt myself and they have no problem getting anything the Dr gives them. here in ca


September 5, 2017 Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item
This off the USPS tracking. Sweet-Vapes has about reached the end of my rope. And I’m thinking about a noose tied in it and hanging them. Damn if it takes that long to get an order together and out the fucking door you need to close yours.