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What do you really hate?


I actually use CBD for anxiety. It does provide a little relief for my upper back/neck, but I find if I vape it for a few days then I tend to lose that relief. It doesn’t control the pain, per se, but it does help to relax my neck and shoulder muscles.

The problem with finding a new physician is that the next nearest physician that works with chronic pain and takes Worker’s Comp insurance is four hours away. I don’t have the means to travel that far, as my trusty rusty F150 would probably scatter it’s innards all over the freeway.

Thanks for the suggestions-I do appreciate the help, I just feel bad that I keep shooting you down.


I know, it’s not just here, and it’s not just the new laws that’s causing issues. But they have made things more difficult, mostly with my doctors offices more than anything.

However, I have found an amazing silver lining in this crap pile of a situation! A few years ago, the first time I got a pain medication prescription my usual pharmacy couldn’t fill, they could not keep the script and fill it when they got more, nor could even tell me when they would get more, and said I would just need to keep trying each day and hope they didn’t sell out before filling mine! I spent the day getting the same response and the typical junkie/addict/loser treatment everywhere I went. Finally I thought of a place to try, I didn’t think that they could help me if the chain stores couldn’t, but boy was I wrong! I figured I’d try a small, Mom & Pop pharmacy. I went in that day with my perscription feeling battered, bruised and severely beaten down from the treatment I had received all day long, and in a lot of pain from driving so much to find relief for my pain. And it was like a ray of sunshine! She didn’t have it, but could order it for the next day, fill it and have it delivered to me! I Found out the pharmacist is a friend of my sister, and a part owner in the business. Any new perscriptions I get, same thing. I took all of my business there. If I need Advil or cold medication and she is sending a delivery to me, I can call and ask her to add it in my order, no problem! And, she just runs my card once a month for what I owe!

My amazing pharmacist is the most attentive, caring, efficient, knowledgeable person that I have on my medical care team! When I am out of medication, and can’t get a doctor’s staff to help me, she even goes to bat and calls their office on my behalf and will try anything she can think of to get what I need! :heart:️ I don’t know what I would do without her!

Because of her most recent acts of going above and beyond to get my medication for me to avoid withdrawal, I really want to do something nice for her. Any ideas!


Our go-to for thank you gifts for the past few years have been Massage Envy gift cards. Would you believe that no body ever complains? :blush:


Great idea! Thank you! It’s a shocker that no one complains!

(I’ve been out of loves since last night and it’s killing me! Lol!)


You stuck in the CA WC system, too? Sorry to hear that-the only person I’d ever wish this on is the POS that assaulted me. Maybe some of the legislators that signed that BS into existence…those windbags should try living this life for a month and then they can tell me how “easy” it is…


When I was working in healthcare, gourmet cookies or brownies were ALWAYS appreciated! Then again, it could also be part of the reason that I’m just a smidge overweight…

Come to think of it, I think @Molly_Mcghee’s idea of a massage gift card is AWESOME. What better way to take care of the person that takes care of you? Besides, it’s hard work standing for 8-12 hours a day and looking down at a computer screen. I’m going to second the vote for massage!


It’s Friday, does that mean it’s naked sailing day? Because you know what happens on Fridays here!


Don’t feel bad. I don’t see it as being shot down. xD I realize the greater pain relief comes from the THC and since you can’t have it… the CBD can only do so much.
It gave me an outlet to rant about the unfairness and stigma associated with it’s use. :hugs:


Yes it is Friday but no naked sailing today. I spent more time learning how to navigate and get from point A to point B on the map. xD I met alot of crazy and fun people along the way from all over the world. In keeping with the theme of this thread I will say I hate how addictive it is. I’m taking a break from it but here’s a list of all that you can do in the game to give you an idea. Besides building I spent alot of time in the clubs and going to live concerts.


This is pretty cool! Since I don’t live much of a first life, because I am in constant pain, maybe I should get another! Lol!

I hate…being in so much pain that I don’t have a life anymore! :weary:


So sorry to hear about your pain. I’ve met alot of people with physical disabilities there. One that broke my heart was someone who couldn’t walk in RL but is able to dance in Second Life. I was honored to be his partner and waltz with him. It really touched me. :cry:.


This is reminding me of an episode of Black Mirror.


When u go to eat the left over pizza from last night and some moron put it in the freezer!


Awe, Thanks!

You are genuinely sweet and kind (and feisty for flair, lol!). That is a very sweet story!

And I have met so many people with pain issues on here! We seem to find each other!



:joy: So appropriate!!! I love it!


So I pre-ordered a Album on Amazon in July that was supposed to ship 9-8, only to get a email very late 9-7 to say my payment was declined, when I pre-ordered it I used a gift card to pay for it, well It only held a dollar of the sale price ( I thought is was paid for), I instantly put the remainder on my regular payment source, So now not only did I not get the record on the release day like I thought, supposedly it is out of stock and they say they will notify when it is sent not to mention I also will not get next day shipping, I am so mad, I should have just went to the local record store that Amazon will destroy soon anyway and bought it. That was worse than any vape mail taking forever to get from china! So just a heads up to anyone that orders from amazon, don’t use a gift card to Pre-order,


I hate doing stupid shit that I DON’T catch while I’m in the thick of it and only later realize my dipshitedness.

For example, after having a nice little go-around with a few of the lovely people here, I made a couple of experiment mixes in my search for the elusive clone to one of my all-time favorite juices. Both were experiments in a “fried” texture/taste and looked very promising. I decided to also add some Rich Cinnamon to the experiments’ recipes. Smart me was going for 0.1%, however, dumbass me typed them in at 1.0%.


I can’t taste anything BUT cinnamon. For coffee, not so bad. For Broccoli Cheese soup? YUCK.

I’m a dunce.



I have another job interview today. Hopefully this one won’t include any ridiculous questions about animals and celebrities.