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What do you really hate?


If they do ask about what animal you’d want to be, you should totally say unicorn.


I will so keep that in mind.




LMFAO :rofl: :rofl:


No animal questions today!! In fact, this interview went pretty well and I’m excited at the possibility of working within this practice. Tons of great benefits and a decent pay scale, which things that are hard to come by in this job market!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!


I hate that some eliquid manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to make the bottle look like a narcotic prescription manufacturer bottle (liquid). I worked in the pharmacy long enough to remember those brown and yellow narcotic syrup/suspension containers. That is just f-ing disgusting right there.
Edit: Keep in mind my opinion is my own, if it looks neat to someone else, I’m not offended by that. The problem is the ammo that this company seems to shoving right into the FDA’s already properly loaded pistol.


I wholeheartedly agree. Just asinine marketing gimmicks!!


They even made a mock NDC number, which is a labeler code assigned by the FDA, in the exact spot it would be on a real bottle, that takes it too far. Flipping ridonkulous.


What manufacturers did that?


OMG Brand, the bottle is meant to mimic the look of Qualitest Promethazine with Codeine. Note the text in Red is meant to show the narcotic ingredient. This is not my hand or bottle by the way, just random image on Google.


And here is their bottle of Eliquid, I had to pull this off an image search because my usual shopping site would not let me save the image.


Wow, not a fan of that at all. :confused:


I really hate when you go to spit out your window (you know, like a classy lady…) and you misjudge and end up just spitting on your car door.


Do they at least include a 10ml syringe?

(I couldn’t help but notice there didn’t appear to be a dropper. Perhaps they thought that might have been in bad taste? LMAO)


tobacco cavendish INW- initial smell was slight honey. It sat next to my other concentrates for a couple weeks. I walked in the other day and I thought to myself maybe I had a rat problem because I smelled something that smelled exactly like that of which you would smell walking into a shed infested with rats. I sourced the problem and separated this concentrate from the rest of my collection. Just a little bit ago I got a wild hair up my bum to try to make a mix with it. A few days have passed and I tried it for the hell of it. The inhale taste is almost kind of nice followed by a morbid concentrated rat feces death note that wont go away. The lingering smell is an even more intensified rat urine/feces smell than what I had first noticed about this. To the point where I feel I may vomit just writing this while the smell lingers in the air some 30 or so minutes after vaping it. There is no way to describe how disgusting this flavor is to me. I am not going to wait for a steep on this one. straight in the trash with this.




And we all thought you were a professional…Spitter…:smirk:


Your description has me.


Man. You really need to stop that. Because if you spew, I’m gonna hurl. Which will almost certainly cause VapeyMama to blow chunks. And if she…