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What do you really hate?




FU#K YEAH @Molly_Mcghee


Holy instant shrinky-dinks batman!
/makes like your g/f and gets out the magnifying glass…


No fair ninja editing the Southpark out!! :rage:


Coming again to save the MFing day!!


@Molly_Mcghee @Cutlass92 and @SessionDrummer, y’all fuckahs be nasty! Makes me wanna


We all spewing!!!


I hate when I’m really dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I started vaping less and less for a few days, and then not at all for two days, and then I remembered “When was the last time you rewicked anything?” See, I got a bunch of atties at once and just kinda cycled thru them until they were all quite ruined >.> Didn’t really notice the taste was getting worse, except clearly I did, I was vaping less – but put a new wick in, vape thru the first drip of awful, and then. . .wow. There’s the flavor I’m supposed to get XD


Had to push this topic back up to the top so I could rant…
I HATE getting tracking numbers from sites like Fastec (or in this case EFun.To) for e-packet and you never can get them to work. If I recall the last time I had one of these tracking numbers I had the product in my hand before it even showed up as getting processed out of the Asian country.


Oh man…funny story (kinda)
A long time ago I started dating someone and we decided to go out drinking and line dancing (in that order). After many many Kamikazes, she says she has to puke and wants me to guide her to the bathroom. We make it there and she asks if I would hold her hair (she had beautiful long blond hair) and of course me being the wonderful (yet very drunk) boyfriend, agreed. I’m holding her hair back, she’s puking and then the smell hits me and I completely lose it.
Should of heard us trying to talk the taxi driver into letting us into his cab. Had to tip him 30 bucks.


Could have been worse… you could have been the one that got threw up on… by the way, was that your last date with them?


LOL actually no.
We stayed together for about 2 years. The cab driver made us sit on a couple of old nasty towels he had in the trunk. Between the smell, the nasty towels and his fast driving I almost lost it again. Good thing the tank was dry. She had a great sense of humor and had no problem telling the story over and over and over.


Sounds like a keeper…


Unfortunately…she wasn’t, but such is life.


I heard it was due to the cotton industry but I coulda heard wrong too.


The very last time I ever played Quarters, I’d made my brother drink some nasty old peach liqueur that my buddy had dug out of the back of his mom’s liquor cabinet. We’d gone through an almost full bottle of Jim Beam(One of the big “Yeah, I’m a raging alchie” bottles) a case of beer, and I think some airplane bottles of vodka. After he’d polished off the nasty, my brother got this weird look on his face, and immediately stood up and started heading for the bathroom. As he was passing me, I said, “Whatever you do, do NOT puke on me!” I’m an idiot, because he paused to listen to me and the pause was long enough for his stomach to give the mighty heave, covering me in a mess of random nasty booze, salsa and chips, and a few other things that I could only guess at. I got absolutely furious and immediately sprang up and delivered a pummeling to my brother that I’d always wanted to, but never could because he was older and stronger. As we wrestled to the ground we were spinning, which caused all of the puke trapped in my hair to go whinging off across the house, splattering all in attendance with my brother’s stomach gore.

Needless to say, we were promptly booted for his booting upon my brow and crown.


What a mess that must have been! LOL


DuPont and his cronies had a bunch of money tied up in lumber(and possibly cotton as well) and if my memory serves, DuPont was just getting into working with petroleum distillates which would also get some SERIOUS competition from hemp oil.


Paper oil and plastics.

Give this a quick read, it was basically DuPont that spearheaded it


those greedy large companies that think they can keep all the money in their bank at all costs. Even the wellbeing of the people and the environment.
Study: U.S. Hemp Ban Hurts Environment, Economy http://reason.org/news/show/1002979.html


Stripping two layers of shingles! And having to go back tomorrow to finish the new shingles! Wow I feel like I got run over by a bus!