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What do you really hate?


Thank you for doing it for my parents, though! I really appreciate all that you do! :heart::kissing_heart:


I don’t mind, I do it because I love you.


I never got the whole idea of slapping a fresh layer of shingles over the old. Seems if you’re going to go through the trouble of doing the work, do it right and tear off the old crap before putting down the new.


When we redid their kitchen floor, I think we removed 12 previous layers. :roll_eyes:


I never did ether, and the bottom shingles where in better shap tan the top, they where litaraly falling off the roof, definitely couldn’t lay over them, I have been told that it actually makes a better roof because there are more layers the water has to go through, I’m not sold on the idea and the ant colony in the shingles really made me glad I pulled it all off!


I’ve gone through that before at a buddy’s house. With the electrical. The whole house was a hodge-podge of different eras of wiring, from knob and tube to Romex and ALL points in between. All topped off by a Zinsco main panel(LITERALLY the WORST box on the planet!)

Needless to say, what started out as a simple lighting add-on wound up being a FULL rewiring of the entire house. In August, starting in the attic(Because I’m really stupid and love punishing myself)


That’s what we found in our house!! And as an added bonus, gas lines for the old gas lighting. 127 year old houses are THE BEST! :joy:


Someone just told me I forgot to add Hazelnut to my Cereal Killer Pie, which I kind of made how I wanted (without Hazelnut). Here I was thinking I was making recipes for my own tastebuds. How utterly selfish of me.:expressionless:


The nerve! :rofl:


I thought you knew you don’t mix for your self you mix for the masses, silly girl!


Signs like this!


Packing boxes…:expressionless:


drinking two ‘bang’ energy drinks in the morning.

2 for $3… i drink both cuz they taste good. but forget theh are strong as hell and feel like shit all day


2ml tanks. Ugh!


When you’re on a jobsite and you have a couple spare minuits to vape when you realize your boss took your juice with your lunch in it and your out…


Nice boss :joy:


:thinking: How do you fit the ham sandwich into the 30ml bottle? :thinking: Does it change the steep time? :thinking: So many questions… :rofl:



This! Can’t stand Comcast!