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What do you really hate?


TOOTH ACHES then not being able to see a dentist for 30days , really 30days for a tooth that a filling came out from my childhood ??? that would constitute some kind of EMERGENCY at least for me anyway this pain is CRAZY you would think they could have seen a few months ago it was getting old ?


Well played!! :thumbsup: :rofl:


I would hit up another dentist.


For sure! 10char


Walking in the street alone and laugh people look at me like I am crazy :joy:


Since you hang around here often, I’m guessing you are :rofl:


Time to get some Orajel and some dental wax. Drip a drop or three directly into the busted filling/gaping hole in your tooth(use the gel type if it’s one of the upper teeth) and then pack in the dental wax. Keep to mechanically soft foods and try not to drink/eat anything that is hot or cold(No hot coffee or soup, and ice cream is RIGHT OUT) and look for a dentist that has an opening. Hell, call your regular dentist and ask them for a referral, as this typically tells the staff"I’m in pain and need help NOW!" more so than you pleading with them outright.(Don’t ask me why this seems to work, but it does)

If you go a month with that thing open, you’re probably going to wind up needing a root canal, and those suck. I’ve had two, and they aren’t fun at all. Hope you get some relief soon!


@fidalgo_vapes, maybe that’s their plan??? If you tell them it feels like it’s getting infected, that should move you up to this week, too! :wink:


Assholes. I hate assholes. And douchebag assholes that act like they know everything about absolutely everything, doubly so.


Looks at @Molly_Mcghee’s post, rereads what he recently posted

This wasn’t directed at me by any chance, was it? Am I in the doghouse?

I’ll be better! Promise!


Don’t we all!!


I’m not so bad once you get to know me. But until you do … ok, I get your point :grin:


Ok ok… poorly phrased on my part there. I was frustrated and lashed out on the only forum I care to vent on, THIS ONE! Lol. Also, he showed up as I was finishing typing it so no time to edit.


So, which came first-the tackle and grab for the lunchbox, or the ass-chewing for taking your yummy juice and edibles?


No!!! Not you at all!!! :kiss: I love you too much!!!


Not you either! Although that reminds me of how I describe @Cutlass92 to people who’ve never met him.

He’s a nice guy, once you get to know him! Which is really just saying, he’s an asshole, but you’ll get used to it! :joy:



I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks and all the ports of call were impacted by the hurricanes. The cruise line has notified us that they will not be going to those islands, but they have not told us where we will be going. I really hate it when a company does shit like this. I understand that they have no choice in the matter, that its for safety reasons, that the islands do not need tourist getting in the way of repair work, ect., but the least they could do is keep us informed.

And they could stop asking if I want to book an excursion. I mean what’s the point? I don’t know if we will be going to the original islands. And if I do and we go to a different set of islands, what happens then? Do I get a refund? Do they check to see if there is a matching excursion on the new islands? Fuck that. I’ll wait until I know for sure. Either when they send an updated itinerary or after I board.

I’m not holding it against Norwegian this time because I’m pretty sure they are waiting to see if any of the islands will be capable of receiving ships before they set up an alternate itinerary, but I’m pretty sure that we won’t be going to San Juan which got a direct hit.



It’s a “Push-me-pull…FUCK!” Rare, but usually seen in some of the more rural areas. May also be known as “Hold my beer”