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What do you really hate?


I hate that my tried and true VapeNW burned down, got bought out, and now only seems to offer lower end equipment that I will never buy.


You may need to give them time to restock. All things considered.


Just what are all the things we are considering?


@Chrispdx Fair enough brother, fair enough…



Their whole building burned down. Umm yeah. Takes time to get not only stock in but the insurance claim to be processed. I bet what they are selling is stock they already had on the way.


I hate when you just wanna go rob a place to get some vaping cash, and dammit, don’t you know it …


Umm yeah. They changed Ownership and forgot to provide that info. Umm yeah. The new owners could potentially be a shit Korean company. Umm yeah. Are you taking all things in to consideration?


Umm yeah! Of course


I hate mean people!!!


I hate stupid, cheap “resealable” plastic food packages (like good sliced cheese comes in) because they inevitably always tear apart and I have to repackage them anyway.


I just hate running out of cheese!


<=========== Slicing Cheese. Wait I think the word I need is more Cutting Cheese :slight_smile:



Juice inspiration?


Only on Fridays?


You mean you don’t have a back up cheese cupboard??..

What’s wrong with you…?


I don’t! But I’ll get right on that. :cheese:


Let’s not go there…


As soon as I sent it…‘hmm…maybe there’s a thread that shouldn’t be pulled’…


When i run out of likes and this site tells me to wait an hour…
But, but im not done creepin’
Sad pandas…