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What do you really hate?


I bitch every single time Prime does that, and it is ridiculous. They keep saying they are adding a month to my membership but never actually see it do it. I should have lifetime prime now.


I hate having to go to work when its supposed to be my only FULL day off in a month , all plans canceled


That totally sucks! Sorry your day was scrapped.


Man @paingawd, you’re alright if anyone ever asks me and just because I know you are the first to say you love the smell of Fresh Tires (still looking for the concentrate) and say it out loud or at least write it out and say it, LOL. I like to take the little nubs and chew them…:crazy_face:


Well I love the smell of skunk so there’s that!


thank you , it does suck but what could ya do i took tmrw off so hopefully that goes as planned


Yea, especially the kind that makes your eyes roll back in your head right after zip locking the baggie back up there after you’ve took a whiff of it,LOL. Yea @Cutlass92, you’re alright too.


Trying to pin point where the sound of the cricket is coming from at 11pm so i can kill the SOB and not be up half the night again!


I used to like the smell of gasoline, too. Then the gubment had to fuck it all up with detergents and taking the lead out. They ruined my childhood!


When you go to take a sip of coffee and its cold… :cry: Its like the dry hit of beverages…


But…That’s when you get to chug it! MOAR CAFFEIN!!!


That’s when i make more coffeeee!! ( hot coffee. .lol)


I was driving my little one to school after making my coffee and put it into my closed container, and noticed a really odd taste. I had soaked it overnight in detergent, and it just clung to the plastic inside my container. I can’t get the soap taste out. :persevere: Blech


Oooh gross!! :frowning:


Uggg. I hate vaping with a head cold. Having problems tasting juices. Thankfully today is a mix day. So I’m upping the nic from 1.5 to 3 (so I can vape less) and making “sick strawberry” since I can still taste sb. Strawberry rf sc, sb ripe tpa, spearmint flv, and mallow.


You know what I hate? Being 12 minutes into a 6 hour road trip and one of the dogs decides to drop a deuce in the back of the van…


At least it wasn’t explosive diarrhea! We used to have a dog that we’d have to diaper(As well as anyone can diaper a hyperactive Cocker Spaniel…) whenever we’d take him in the car. As soon as the speedometer hit 20-25 mph, the nervous shits would start. Let me tell you, small dogs have the WORST smelling crap! :poop::nauseated_face:


Nope blood hounds do! And they have even worse gas!


I don’t know…Our Cocker was able to clear the top floor of the house whenever Dad would feed him drippings from bacon. And he wondered why the dog would get geyser-volume shits?!? Pops didn’t think things thru too well, sometimes…


@Cutlass92 @paingawd we have an 80 pound German shepard puppy and a 90 pound Doberman, and after they trampled all over it, it might as well have been diarrhea lol