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What do you really hate?


I would pay to see that! As long as I didn’t have to smell it!


Or your smoke alarm starts beeping at 2 AM because the battery is low. And it is the highest up one on the vaulted ceiling. Couldn’t be one reachable with a 6 ft step ladder.


funny how they no longer beep, perhaps its the fact there are no batts in them anymore :thinking:


How long was it before you realized you couldn’t power your mod with them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (kind of like water faucet screens in some households…) rofl


I hate that I can’t unheard the story I was told by a patient this week about how she had such horrible diarrhea she shit all over her carpet and the dropped her cellphone in the puddle. She was still using the phone and complaining how it no longer worked properly. :nauseated_face:


Reading this thread before meal time.


No shit! Lol


Actually, yes. Yes shit!


Oh, god…Time to pull over, fire the car and file the insurance claim, because that shit AIN’T coming out of the upholstery.


I hate when I’m working soo much, and tired, that I brew a Keurig K-Cup coffee, WITHOUT using a cup. DOH !!!


There is no sin greater than spilled coffee!!


@paingawd I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Early zero dark hundred hours, eyes not open, gotta go go go, load the coffee pod, hit the button, listening to the brew, waiting, …

then I go to grab the cup, which was NOT.


That’s just the worst feeling(OK, OK, not THEE worst, but it’s up in the Top 15) I’ve been victim of the early morning brain farts, too. Build coffee pot up, use the pull-out faucet to fill the reservoir, hit the “Brew” button and head off to the bathroom. Come back from the bathroom to discover that instead of a potful of blessed black go-juice, dumbass me forgot to replace the pot into the coffee maker and now have a lake of coffee dripping off the kitchen counter and into the cat food.


wait …wait You ran water over your hand before emptying that morning bladder? You hit the wrong “brew” button first. :rofl:

TwEeeeeeeeT! Flag on the play! 10 Yards~ (distance to the bathroom)


That moment when u hover over the “place order” button, knowing all too well what your future self for the next week looks like…


I really hate passing out early like a boring old person when I have important things to do after the kids go to bed!! :joy: :confused: I guess I’ll be playing catch up today…


I can relate, seems like it’s been a challenge to get things done lately :thinking:


Totally. I’m in some kind of brain fog… :thinking:


Agreed, fog has been rolling in pretty heavy on my end :man_shrugging:t2:


Huh… weird… Must be the time change… :smirk: