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What do you really hate?


Yeah that’s GOTTA be wut it is, that might explain how crazy that fog has got me too


/rolls a “bottle of fog” across the floor of the room to see if any lights come on…

continues whistling innocently :smiling_imp:


Are we playing spin the bottle?!! :smile: :wink:


I really hate when I put nice fresh wicks in my coils but I’m so damn distracted that I let them go dry :nauseated_face: and then I get distracted again and get a double dry hit…:tired_face: (and no @Sprkslfly, its not “bottle induced” brain fog… :wink: :joy: :cloud: :cloud: )


I love fall and winter time here in the Pacific Northwest. However, I hate when I vape on the side walk at work and I cloud up a go 15 feet of space since the Vaper hangs around.


I hate when I assume a flavor’s name based on the first few letters when mixing and end up ruining a mix.

I was making some Butter Pecan juice and instead of grabbing and mixing Marshmallow I grabbed and mixed Mandarin.

PSA: Always read labels


How did it turn out? Did you know that nuts and orange is a flavoring pairing?

For pecan…there maybe a dirt/shell note. A touch of mallow or a sweetener may make your mix fabulous.


I’m no t a big fan of the FA Mandarin Flavoring to begin with. So to me it was just awkward tasting.


When your child squashes your dreams of building a barbecue pit in the backyard. :flushed:

I told my son about the idea I had after seeing Rick Bayless dig a rectangular BBQ pit in the dirt, line it with bricks, and add a layer of charcoal to the bottom. It would then be covered by a large rectangular metal top to insulate the heat. I was excited about it. My son responded with ‘don’t you think that’s a bit unrealistic, not to mention it’s probably illegal’.
How in the blue poodles am I supposed to respond to that? Dreams squashed.


I can’t imagine any code or local ordinance prohibiting a backyard BBQ pit. But stranger things exist. Call your local building inspector or a local landscaper. But I’d be more concerned about water and bugs.:yum:


You must still live in the free world. Move into an “association” and they can tell you what hours of the day you can flush your toilet.


Putting three .3 ohm coils with a 3mm inner diameter on a parallel deck and firing it up. THEN discovering your .9 ohm total build has become a .05 ohm build, and your head is on fire. :fire:


Thats why I live 5 miles from a very small town. I bought heavily wooded property and only cleared enough to put our house in the middle of it. In summer months you can’t tell the house is even here. Yes I’ll take ‘pee of the porch privacy’ over just about anything. And I’m not too neighborly, but if you saw my neighbors you would understand why. (dueling banjo’s in the background.)


“That’s another 2 weeks…” And then just shut the hatch to his cell and walked away. :sunglasses:


I hate it when patients come to a specialist appointment and then say stuff like “excuse me, I need to go throw up because I have the stomach flu” and “my last doctor stopped doing injections on me because he found bed bugs in my hair.”
Please, please, please stay home and reschedule!

I’m gonna go set the building on fire, now!!!


Or … just set the patient on fire


The bed bug lady was a 315 pounder. I don’t have that kinda time.


But once you got the fire going, just think how long she’d burn. It would be like an eternal flame.


I’m sadistic enough, I don’t need encouragement!!! :joy:


Having to break my fingers so that I cannot type every time I read a post that has to do with someone exploiting the community for money when information has all along been freely shared with them.