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What do you really hate?


It’s only illegal if you get caught!

(FWIW, I went to jail at the ripe age of 13 for 3 counts of building and detonating a homemade explosive device, 5 counts of destruction of private property, drunk in public, evading a police officer and underage drinking so my advice MIGHT not be the most prudent!:crazy_face: )


With that much fat, just think of the burn time!! Lighting the office for DAAAAAAAAYS!!!


you got that right , its crazy how much authority they have over YOUR house and property


I know of one person that does that!
Example, one kind soul on here gave away sever spoils of wire another person got said wire then not even 2 weeks later someone else was looking for coils to try, the recipient of said I can make you coils but thy are $$$ per set!


But she sure didn’t smell like a Yankee Candle!!! :nauseated_face:


If you don’t have anything nice to say, then come sit by me! :joy:



but more passive aggressive


Passive aggresive is good for yours arround you or the place your at, but when your in a gym for example , perfect time to change from passive to active !


When I’m in a gym I like to help out by swinging the barbell around, you should see how lively everyone gets!


Hey it’s a win win! One less nasty :nauseated_face: and free heat!


i’m sure that she did, just not a part of the Yankee states that you wanted to smell!

“Hmm, Pine Fresh is soooo 2000 and whenever…Do you have any Urban Sweat and Fumunda Cheese scented candles?” Said no one to a YC employee. EVER.


Urban sweat sounds like a hipster clothing store lol



Haha, they will never know it was Turkey Sausage… I have to trick them into eating better. :yum:


Since I started making my own juice. And figured out flavors are severely diluted

My local vape shops who claim they aren’t as greedy as the money hungry cigarette companies.


It’s just business, they all want your money. Some just want as much as possible from the get go, while others settle for less and look to establish a long term relationship.

Also remember that the most greedy off them all is the government. They earn more on cigarettes then big tobacco.


I do not like being sick and have a sore throath…
Right about now i can even better just vape my base 20/80 cause i cannot seem to taste anything :nauseated_face::face_with_thermometer:


I hear ya. That we me for about a week. I threw together a mint/strawberry vape and a lemon cream vape to tide me over with a higher nic level to vape less.


People will tell you to take vitamin C when you’re sick, but vitamin D in high doses over 5 days will actually make you feel a lot better, quickly. HIGH doses. Like 50,000 IUs 3 times a day for no more than 5 days.

Feel better!!!


Ugggg. I was in an accident in July. Back at the shop to get the new rim and driver side seat. This means one more rental car. Uggg. Hate dealing with auto body shops and driving rental cars.


Wanna bet? :laughing:
:thumbsup: for heart in the right place though! :wink: