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What do you really hate?


They didn’t figure it out :blush:, that was in the skillet last night.


@Molly_Mcghee thank you for the tip, Vitalin D is my new friend :smiley:

@Chrispdx That is actualy not a bad idea , i do have some lemon baked pie concentrate somewhere in my stash :smiley:
What also might be a cool idea, i dunno about you but i love cough syrup.
Anyone made a recipe that actualy tastes like that or some kind of recipe that makes it soft in the troath :grin:

An idea is forming …:thinking:


Lol. Nobody has intentionally made cough syrup…but cherry flavoring gets you close along with menthol.



I cook with turkey all the time! I also make a scalloped potatoes n ham with turkey ham. My Mom who hates turkey used like beef or pork loved it!!
I’ve never used the sausage before but your food looks delicious!! Its making me wanna go buy it to try this one :yum: :yum: :yum: btw did u fool them?


I did it a little sneakily, I used 1 link of Smoked Beef, and 1 Smoked Turkey, and made sure the potatoes soaked up all of the beef fat, so what they mainly tasted was beef. The Turkey just ended up tasting less salty, but no one could tell. I got the Sausage from Aldi, they have some really good meats, I get this thinly sliced Serrano Ham and Smoked Gouda that is just out of this world.


I think Aldies is great too! That sounds really good! Great idea to put both in there. I did that with the beef a cpl times in chilli and my hubby caught on. He dont eat ground beef. Ugggh he ended up getting the runs so he knew. I know TMI lol!!
I switched him from ground beef to turkey when I met him 20 yrs ago bcuz of his strong family medical background for heart disease. Hes been faithful to it for the most part. I’m sure its helped him have less of an infinity gor HD. Anyway gg to you for helping your family eat healthier :grin::grin: We should have a section to add our fav. Recipes in the kitchen in ELR.


I really hate that I let myself run out of PG. Uggghh!!!


I really hate that I have to use my stash of PG to fix a broken Lava Lamp but it makes a great surfactant. I do appreciate it’s multiple functionality though.


Hello everyone. I hate it that I have to wait to be able to post to enter giveaways. I’m new to vaping. Been smoking cigarettes for over 20 years. Wasn’t a big smoker but couldn’t kick the habit. Started vaping 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I came across this forum by luck and glad I did. Been reading a lot of posts and thinking about making my own juice but going to take baby steps. Jesus I’m using a Smok vape pen so just learning to crawl.


Welcome to the Forum! If you haven’t done so, head on over to the New Users thread and introduce yourself- It’s a great way to say, “I’m here!” and rack up those important “points” for the giveaways.

Don’t worry about your gear. Most of us started with equipment that was a bit “simple”. If it’s keeping you away from cigarettes, then it’s a damn fine product!(In my opinion, anyways…) Take some time to get yourself acquainted with the vocabulary-there’s a lot of jargon to absorb! When you’re ready to take the plunge into mixing your own juice you’ve already found an awesome resource. Cheers and congratulations to breaking free of tobacco!



Big things have small beginnings.


+1 @Mew


Came down super hard on my hand, specifically my index finger while trying to teach my son a skateboard trick. It’s bruised, swollen and I can’t bend it. Went to one of those urgent care places for an X-ray, the doctor and X-ray tech bent, squeezed and twisted it in every way possible. I left in more pain than I walked in with.

After the X-ray the doctor didn’t bother coming back in, instead he sent the nurse in to give the diagnosis. She says “No fracture.” Okay cool, I ask her if I’ve torn ligaments and she says “umm, no?” I was informed that they were just going to call it a “boo boo.” I never knew Boo Boo was an official diagnosis.


That sucks you hurt yourself, but the fact that they put it in as a boo-boo has me laughing my ass off!


I actually thought the treatment was going to be a kiss to make it better lol.


Quick get the boo-boo bunny STAT!



Can’t stand em…


I will get on it, try experimenting a bit on the cough syrup :smiley:
In the meanwhile my taste slowly returned but the cold caught up to coughing, sneezing and blocked nose.


Welcome @ the forum @Oso1


Ι hate that I have cold caught and I can’t taste my new recipes… but maybe its the high percentens of ethyl maltol :rofl: