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What do you really hate?


Corporate bastards fighting amongst themselves and removing functionality from my devices!!

Seems YouTube and Amazon are in a pissing match, as I just got a notification on my FireTV stick that come January 1, 2018, I won’t have YouTube anymore. :rage:


And on 1/1/18, about 5 minutes after it’s taken offline, someone will post a hack that re-enables it. Maybe sooner.


Yeah, I haven’t had good luck with that (at least the one time I tried) yet. Tried putting kodi on it last year, and it was instantly detected and a force wipe by Amazon.

Need to try and do it properly one of these days (via an ADB push, at least I assume…) but really need to get with @ringling or someone similar to get a good feel for the overview first. :wink:

If Amazon keeps screwing with things though, I have NO PROBLEM with tossing a completely alternative OS on it though. Just haven’t been bothered enough up till now.


Maybe a pissing match, maybe a way to make more money by Amazon. Take away the only decent free TV in Fire TV and then you got to pay for anything decent. This is of course the usual goals for most moves of corporate giants…


It’s always about money, period.


Well, to be fair, I primarily only use it for Netflix. But YouTube is in the top 5 (after BBC, NHK World -both mainly for news, and another I can’t recall atm).


I wonder if a ROKU box would fix that issue?


Oh there’s a variety out there I know. And the majority of “commercial brands” are all subject to change (on the whims of corporate pissing matches AKA contract renewal time).

That’s why I was (have been) considering just changing the OS out, and doing a self managed conversion. Which incidentally, there’s far better boxes out there to start with, but seeing as I already have this little thing to play with… :wink:

Roku and the others will be subject to the same nonsense at some point. It’s just a question of when, and what apps are affected.


So sorry buddy. If it makes you feel any better I submitted an advancedvapesupply order last night and they printed the label but the USPS tracking hasn’t been updated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I may run out of 24g round wire for my dual coil builds


lmao its all good i figure id better complain while i can … I do have to admit im being a bit too impatient and should understand that its one time a year that this happens and i saved a lot of money NO TAX NO SHIPPING AND 25PERCENT OFF so really i should be thanking them


I think this is the first time they have done this high of a discount and found out how popular they could be. That and tied with being out of stock of some flavors. Yeah. They are struggling. I was really hoping to find a surprise in my package…like woopsss sorry for the delay we doubled your order for xyz flavor.


Google and Amazon have been in a pissing match for ages. I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t been disabled on all Amazon devices. It’s petty and not a really wise business move but Chromecast is the obvious reason.


Google scares the shit out of me!


ya if the out of stock thing was an issue id be a bit pissed because i asked them if that was an issue and they said no , if it was the case o could have omitted a coulple flaves especially since its 520pm and my order is still unfulfilled


i know i have said this but i hate the word unfulfilled , just hate it


I hate catfish (the internet people, not the muddy tasting freshwater fish that is an absolute bitch to try and cut the skin off of). I’ve been watching the show, just when I’m bored and I have to ask, what in the blue pickles is wrong with these people??? :frowning:


Leg day. Frickin hate leg day… :confounded: My legs still hurt from the last leg day. :joy:


I can’t decide


This one about sums it up…


I’m guessing this has something to do with a gymnasium? I drove past one of those once. The windows were running with condensation and I wanted to puke. Fortunately, my sofa was just a few minutes away.