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What do you really hate?


Lol yeah, except I have my workout stuff in my basement so the only condensation on the windows is from my own sweatiness (and my vape… :laughing: ).


I was kind of kidding. We have our stuff in the basement too. If I was rooted to the couch, the Mrs. would kill me.


The basement works well. No excuses not to do it (other than whining that my legs hurt…).


“Auntie? Why does your Balance Beam have handcuffs?” :grin:


:open_mouth: Well, in that light, maybe I should clarify that I mean actually things like an elliptical and exercise bike? Sorry, I assumed she meant fitness/exercise training. (We keep our, um, ‘workout stuff’ in the ol’ master suite…)


Okay ,

When you grab the your last 30 mil unicorn bottle .
Mix up your juice
Put the tip in

Then when you go to screw the cap on it won’t screw on


When i bite into a chocolate chip cookie only it aint chocolate. Its raisins…



OMG that is so me. I think raisins are spoiled, ruined grapes and people that stick them in foods should be horsewhipped.
To damn funny.


Okay this talk about raisins reminds me of why I hate okra

I think people who put okra in chocolate cakes should be shot
And then hanged if they put raw okra on the cake like it was decorations

Most disgusting thing I ever tasted. Never have tried okra again since that dreadful day when I was 10 yrs old I took a bite of my chocolate birthday my step mother’s friend made.

And 34 years later I still say I’ll never eat okra . It’s disgusting


WTF?? o0

That’s a twisted mind SCREAMING for help.
Who on earth puts…? /smh

You’re lucky that didn’t scar the chocolate lover in you. That’s just an EVIL trick to play on someone.



Especially on a cake for a 10 year old. 10 Year olds don’t need fancy they need sugar rush


Trying to get over a hangover from yesterday’s chrismass market :nauseated_face:


I’m with @Sprkslfly…Who does that??? And what on this fair earth would possess anyone to think that’s a good idea?

I LOVE okra and that’s just wrong. I mean, that’s not even nice to the okra…


That’s NASTY, who in there right mind would think that okra is good in cake! Sounds like your step mom didn’t like you very much.



Jambalaya, Étouffée, gumbo, hell, even plain old fried!

But in a cake? That’s just a practical joke gone wrong.


I had to dig deep in my google-foo to even find a chocolate cake recipe that involved okra. Apparently it’s a soul food thing. Must be an evil soul thing! Lol.

Now THIS, I’ll go for!


That is a wonderful shake!


I hate how every pair of spandex pants in my house looks the same… I needed to do some laundry and grabbed two pairs to throw in the wash that I thought were mine… Turned out they were both my 9 year old’s Justice pants…:laughing: Good thing they’re stretchy cuz I really needed some pants to wear. :joy: I’ll just be fancy tonight!


Hold on! You mean you can fit in your nine year olds pants? Damn…just damn!


You really didn’t need anything to wear.