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What do you really hate?


Too simple.

Besides. The last thing a kid needs to see at 2 is how to apply fire! :flushed:


My 4 year old wanted me to tape his crayon back together the other day. I actually tried just to prove it wouldn’t work.


She’s spoiled

One of her toy rooms


What you need is a tiny dowel and a small drill bit, drill the center of each piece then fill the hole with pl premium glue, insert dowel and piece together.


Sounds reasonable


:flushed: One of?
Oh you’re screwed when she’s a teen… Lol


Two years old is not too young to instill a life lesson. “I’m sorry, but that crayon is a metaphor for your future. Nothing lasts forever and it is a nearly constant disappointment.”

Worked on my kids and they are turning out fine. When I take them out of their cages later I’ll have them growl ‘hello’.


Do they make dowel rods out of crayons now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You (intentionally) missed the joke I’m afraid… :wink:


Probably , but she likes to help.

She thinks these are Her other toys

Put 3 bookshelves together for church first one she helped me with , the next 2 she was telling me what to help her with as she put them together…

I was allowed to turn the screws


Too precious!


I’ve inadvertently exploded, and I mean EXPLODED, a Pyrex dish before. Kept finding little glass squares for years… it goes everywhere!!


The word inadvertently makes me think it had something to do with @Cutlass92 and one of his rare instances in the kitchen


Or maybe it’s why he only goes in the kitchen once or twice a year


I wish there was a way I could blame him, but it was my own dumbassedness. I set the 13x9 baking dish on the burner of the electric stove and accidentally turned the wrong burner on… I thought I was boiling water, until the concussive sound of the explosion. Luckily no one was in the kitchen at the time. Both of our little ones were actually little back then!

Needless to say, we had pizza delivered that night.


This is my favorite thing I’ve read today.



I’m so glad we don’t live in that house anymore!


Not to be insulting but in the words of Ron White


Agreed they have changed something. I got some that my parents had when I was young.