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What do you really hate?


So true! On an unrelated note I just wish all our collective Governments would realize “You can’t legislate against stupidity” (Jesse Ventura) either.


Dang, just curious about exploding Pyrex… now that I read more. I’m seeing it’s a common problem. don’t think I’ll buy or use new Pyrex . Specially when I see this

World Kitchen has consistently challenged claims by consumers who report problems with their Pyrex bakeware and has challenged ConsumerAffairs and other publications with legal action for reporting such claims.

In a 2008 statement to ConsumerAffairs, World Kitchen spokesman Bryan Glancy challenged the accuracy of published consumer complaints:

“We cannot speculate on how someone was using their bakeware, and whether or not they were using it correctly. Without examining the product, there is no confirmation that the product involved was Pyrex bakeware (as opposed to another manufacturers product). For this reason, unsubstantiated and unconfirmed reports of breakage should not be used as the basis for any conclusions to be drawn about Pyrex products.”


Living where I do boy howdy!!!11
right from top :rofl::rofl::joy::grin:


I can picture it now…
Cutlass92 walks toward the kitchen.
Molly: Is it “Shrapnel Day” already? /dons flak jacket


Not insulting at all. It’s the truth. :laughing:
I mean seriously. The man eats raw bacon.


BECAUSE there’s fucking nothing but microscopic particle dust left when they explode!
And how do they know this? Because they KNOW their shit blows up! /smh

Fucking corporate bastards.


With my old glass cover for my OLD corning ware that my husband exploded, there were large pieces but also quite a few small ones that made it all over the place, but it didnt go to powder or anything
Still, quite a strong explosion with large glass hitting and cutting me superficially. Maybe all the little pieces are a newer safety thing. I just dont imagine it is much safer, especially if one is handling and looking at the glass they explode.


Pyrex was purchased several years ago and they changed the recipe for the glass, ever wonder why/how the price for a single pan went from $75.00 to $15.00. Oh and they moved production to China.


No no… I was exaggerating of course (“particle dust”… lol). Just disregard* my being pissed off by legal doublespeak post. (Though I was trying to say just that* in essence with my referring to the corporate lawyers as labradoodles :wink: )


Beginning in the 1980’s, production of Pyrex glass cookware manufactured by Corning (and later World Kitchen, after the consumer division was spun off and renamed) was shifted to tempered soda-lime glass, like their opal bakeware.[12] This change was justified by stating that soda-lime glass has higher mechanical strength than borosilicate—making it more resistant to physical damage when dropped, which is believed to be the most common cause of breakage in glass bakeware. Also, it is cheaper to produce and more environmentally friendly. However, unlike borosilicate, its thermal shock resistance is lower, leading to the potential increase in breakage from heat stress. European Pyrex is still made from borosilicate.


I hate it when people give advice to newbies and they don’t have a fucking clue of what mod they are fucking using.

God dammit folks if you do not know what the fuck you are talking about, SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE!!! YOU COULD GET SOMEONE HURT!!!


Yep, that’s about what I was gonna say. But I was gonna call them on their bs soup sandwich.


I’ve got a problem

Only have 4 batteries

Edit: and I really hate that


You are not using them in different devices, right?


Naw just using the gx2/4


The cube has actually has two but considering batteries Sparked when I put them in. It time for new batteries.

Reuleaux kinda retired when I got the xcube thought mode was bad. But might have been bad batteries.


Wow, never thought of that. A Kleenex is just more convenient…


He probably prefers it because of the


But we love them don’t we …


Well yea a good dishwasher leaves everything spotless when you finish loading it.


I hate when I grate my knuckle while grating some parmesean cheese. Was being rushed by someone who didnt start the prep work before cooking. Hope they enjoy a little meat in their cheese.
Fuck! It looks worse today than it did last night.
I am staying the fuck out of the kitchen!