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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


Its not a vaperstek flavor per say it is a SC like bull city and diy-ejuice carry. I believe there are china SC’s , could even be a bakers flavor (russia)


Ok, thanks. Interesting. Id rather it be more like the fruit or jam rather than the candy, but if you do try it soon, id be interested in how it tastes. Honestly, as long as it tastes good, thats all that really matters






Hmmm… what flavor would I like to see made? Right now not to sure… it here are some interesting names that might give y’all some ideas

A Good Woman - may be something creamy
Baby Vomit - maybe something fruity with milk
A day in the country maybe something very floral

Or maybe someone could do a Witch series

Witches melting
Witch in the oven
Witch under the house
Flying witches


Why would it have to be so cryptic?

Why not Mayonnaise: Tastes like mayonnaise?

Personally, I haven’t the patience to wonder what breast poop (or whatever fancy crap) would taste like to a person who would like to make some juice and stay off cigarettes.

Just saying.
When I see recipes with that name? I don’t even look, cause it can be anything.


Amoretti Sour Cream and OOO Milky Undertone combined to make a passable Best Foods Mayo. Just tart enough.
It’s in my Avocado Sandwich and a couple others if I remember.
A few drops of sweetener will change it to Miracle Whip quickly enough if that’s your taste preference.


That actually sounds interesting…


I am the only live person I know that likes miracle whip.

My Grandma and Dad have died, but I know where the preference came from. Haha

I just can’t do sucralose without some itching and hives. Not to mention the instant bad taste I get from anything in that family, on account of the reaction I get.

Even stevia has an awful, and intolerable taste to me. It tastes as unnatural as all the others, IDK why! Aspertame, sucralose, acesulfame pottasium…

I detect it instantly. :cry:


I grew up with MW as mom had a real sweet tooth but eventually my wife converted me to Mayo and now I find the Whip just sickly sweet.


I love mayo, and MW. Mayo is for everything, but MW is for certain things, like sliced tomatoes, liverwurst sandwiches, pimento cheese and MW sandwiches, just on toast with a slice of false kraft american cheese if I am really drunk…



Let the haters hate, I’m down with the Whip !!!


Just For the fun of it…


I get it, but when I am searching for a flavor, those get passed by. Maybe if there were notes in parentheses like: Witches titty, ( creme of tartar mint, like the chik filet mint) or something like that. Lol

And, I am claiming that one if someone already didn’t, if you fancy flavor name people wanna be like that!

My Witches titty! Almost colder than a witches titty with a cool creamy mint flavor!


No mayo allowed here !


glad I was able to inspire you to come up with “witches titty” and possible a Flavour to go with it.


Eek! Actually i did like liverwurst as a small child. My grandfather used to make he and i sandwiches with it and he’d feed slices to his dog. Lol. He also cooked liver and onions often but only on the stove in the basement as my grandmother wouldnt allow it cooked in the kitchen. I can still remember tasting it, the consistency, yuck, liverwurst too, that softness. Then my father was a big fan of olive loaf for some reason, heh, and spiced ham.

It was nice to reminisce, thanks


MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm I love all the Wursts.
More then 1500 kinds of Wurst.
As for Liver and Onions !!! WooHoo Both the wife and I love them. A monthly staple around here if not more.
Time to create a liver and onions juice. :sunglasses:


Something cocaine flavored today would be great , I never really liked the effects just loved the way it smelled.


A decent Irn Bru flavour!
For the uninitiated it is Scotland’s second national drink!
To me it tastes of a sort of gingery bubble gum with a citrus note?
Unusual but highly addictive!
Also a great hang over cure, as testified by millions of Scots worldwide.
Try it, there’s a reason it outsells all soft drinks, Coca Cola included, in Scotland.


For me it’s a mixed fruit bubblegum with a caramelly-ness and something floral I can never put my finger on…subjectivity at its best :rofl::+1: