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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


All of this, yes, please.


Whattt!! Yes, thanks VapeyMama!


This sounds like it might be another viable option then… I was thinking/hoping for the same type of vibe (cooked cherries) from FLV cherry filling, but I haven’t tried that either yet.
Is there a chance you have that in your arsenal? If so, how do they compare?


:wand: :poof:
You’re a thimbleberry!

But you can’t… Oh wait. Wrong thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey @Rob62 LA butter rum! :wink:


looks around Snozberry…


Colorado Cool-Aid


Is that just weed mixed with sugar water? Lol


Coors beer


Oops, that OH! face was me thinking you meant you want a Coors vape juice. I missed the reference… Sorry…


No sorry needed , as soon as I posted I had that duuhhhh moment.I should have used quotes!:scream:


I was thinking “Man, this guy seemed like he knew what he was doing. Why would he want a Coors vape?” I also though, well, to each his own!


Got another one fooled!:joy:
I would love a candied pecan flavor .


Ditto the candied pecan! I’ve been chasing the perfect toffee praline crumbly buttery goodness flavor for as long as I’ve been vaping.


For a non Reinheitsgebot beverage with thin body and very low malt and hop characteristics, FA Beer should work. (The high carbonation would need to be added though)



I guess the other flavours are nice but I love black currant


Speaking of that, i wish there was a nice Red Currant. Get that dunkin donuts jelly flavor goin on. I believe they use it in Inw pink panther but they dont sell it solo



Its exists! Lol untested as of yet. Smell test leans towards a red vine/licorice flavor


Niiiice, thanks! Havent tried any vapers tek yet but am quite tempted now