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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


Noooooo if it doesnt have the ies do not use it


This could use more up to date thoughts


Thanks Jesse - i don’t how I have missed that thread - i will say that I don’t use any fw flavours anymore but there is a great deal of good info in the thread which I am going to full digest today - I think the bb Walt suggested will be high on my list of things to try.


Rambutan and longan. They have lychee, why not these?


I’m afraid someone might ask for Durian… I hope not.
Interestingly I would like to taste it someday.
Not so much the smell, just the taste.


Honey butter.
I like it on many things to eat but it would be interesting to vape it to get that fix.


We discussed those in chat last week. One of our members children love them, hehe. Im am very curious to smell one now.


The Cherry used in @R113’s Cherry Shake was crazy good. Much better than any other Cherry flavor I have ever bought. Didn’t taste Candy-like either. Whatever that was is best Cherry I have ever had.


And I totally second the Honey Butter.


If I am out of honey or butter in the kitchen, I will freak out. Wait, I don’t think I will ever run out. I keep on top of that shit.
I buy local wildflower honey from a nearby apiary and butter was bought by the 6 pack of boxes of 4 sticks at costco until I cancelled my membership because it is too much hassle to go there from my residence. I work at a store and will never run out though. I have salted and unsalted butter in the fridge I think it takes up about 10% fridge space. Hehe


I would like to see a Spam flavor
:rofl: Not really … I would like to see a good Carmellow Candy bar


Shouldnt be too difficult to make one, there are some very good honey flavorings out there now and some good old and new butter flavorings. I worked on a creamed honey for a bit but put it on hold until i can order some Butter (FA) from somewhere, i wasnt happy with the result of using Golden Butter (CAP). For some nice florals i used Honey Bee (FLV) and Honey (FA) for the sweetness. I added some Butter Cream (CAP) as well.

Pretty sure that i can pull it off with a proper butter flavoring, it was close but just not quite there with golden butter.

We travel quite a bit and mostly to rural areas. Love buying their local raw/creamed honeys and i buy them where ever we stop. One of my favorite parts of the country to buy honey from is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Bruces Crossing, couple of fantastic apiaries up there. MMmmMM, i love me some honey!

I had that stuff people buy in stores one, i thought it was going to kill me to death, ick…


Recipe should be posted dearie. It’s NF cherry, NF cherry Bordeaux and FA marzipan for the cherry part


I cant do pasteurized honey anymore either. It is just wrong now. Lol


Try NF Organic Butter. It’s really the best butter I’ve used. @VapeyMama said she was gonna send some of her buttery love soon and I may switch, however for now, NF Butter is the bomb


I havent even tried FA butter yet, (I am such a noob with this) but am imagining it. I really would like to try a pure and slightly salted butter flavor though.
Like when I butter anything, it is too much butter and it drips down my hands and stuff. I really enjoy some butter. Lol


@Silhouette Mmmmmm, Cherry Shake …


I’ve never tried Nature’s Flavors, but I think I might have to now.


NF organic diacetyl free butter is what I’ve been using. It’s just flat out amaze balls


@VapeyMama I believe it was sessiondrummer who pointed me to RF SC Nutmeg