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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


FW Cherry Crush @3-4% is very good.


I have not tried the Inawera teas yet, I don’t think. I want to try them and the Hangsen. They’ve been on my list for ages now.

I have the Thai Chai and it’s decent, but it doesn’t give me that plain tea I’m after. I got a weird minty/cooling flavor from it that I wasn’t crazy about. I’ll have to try it with raspberry. Do you have a recipe link?

@VapeyMama and others who like Cracklin Oat Bran, me too! You might give NicVapes Honey Crisp a try. It’s not exactly cracklin oat bran, more honey bunches of oats, but it might get you close.

I haven’t tried this (I need to!), but I think you’re definitely on to something with the marzipan. Cherry and almond are so close in profile, that I definitely think an almond flavor would help boost cherry to be more like what we expect. I’m almost convinced that’s what companies in candy are doing to get that cherry flavor sans cough syrup.


I could t not get the flavor I wanted in the cherry shake so I added a bit of marzipan. Also, try OOO Thai chai. OOO is a weak flavor company to me, but their Thai chai is very good even if one does have to add more. TFA is similar but syrup like. It doesn’t have the flavor I was after. I’ve got flavorah also but after smelling it, it wasn’t gonna work


For anyone wanting to chase an authentic cherry taste try a drop of FA Almond in the mix. To me it lifts the cherry notes from medicinal to fresh?worth a try?


Nature’s Flavours have one.
They also have a Rum and Raisin. Since the KandI Hed Rum and Raisin has vanished from their range (grrrr) , we’re bereft of PG-free Rum and Raisin concentrates in the UK! I’ve been looking further afield, and now am thinking Aha! I can buy they’re Rum and Raisin (prolly the same thing Kandi Hed use, anway) or, I can combine that raisin flavour with my MF Rum, and it might be even better! I will probably do both… Just slowly plucking up the courage to pay the sodding postage from the USA.

Needless to say, I don’t find raisin flavour weird. I can think of all kinds of uses for it ( how about in cake mixes?). I don’t fancy it as a single flavour though.


I’d have a hard time with it as a standalone too. Thanks!

I’d really like to get it and have a go with it.


Medicine Flower do three different cherries!
Black cherry: very natural, not at all medicinal, but t’s a pig to work with as I said in another thread , earlier
Morello Cherry: I found this disappointing, Too sweet for my tastes, with something of a marzipan flavour. Not a cough-syrop taste though.
White cherry: I finally have this in my box! And I plan to try it soon. I suspect this is gonna be the one!


I get a pretty present Cherry when using Vanilla Tahity FA, as well as Almond. I don’t use it too often for that reason, but it is pretty yummy. I like it as a brighter, Fruity vanilla in some mixes where a dark vanilla isn’t really working.


Could do with more PG-free butter flavours, I nominate MF! This thread has redoubled my resolve to get my hands on the NF butter though.
Here in the UK, the only PG-free butter flavour (that I can find, at any rate.) is Kandi Hed’s “Buttery Butter”. It’s bloody good, actually, but , like all their range, rather dilute.
It’s probably NF butter diluted with VG, if the truth were known.

Somebody mentioned salted butter (can’t find where now) Umm, what’s wrong with just using normal butter and adding saline til it tastes salty?


The NF Organic Butter Extract from diyvaporsupply is the one I’m using, R113 is using the diacetyl-free Organic Extract version direct from NF. Evidently both are great! I haven’t tried the non-diacetyl yet, but it is reported to be fantastic. I don’t think you can go wrong with whichever you end up buying. I’d to see some dairy from MF!


Nothing at all, but I don’t use saline and don’t really have any intention of using it.


yeah, i can’t see the point of diacetyl-free, TBH. now that we all know that the diacetyl scare was baseless. But I guess it works as "this flavour is suitable for vaping (nudge, nudge) "
of course you do need to be careful with NF to get the right stuff for vaping.


So this is one flavor? Ooo rum & raisin? I might have to try that. I’d love to make this into an ejuice…


So you guys remember those aweful harry potter jelly beans? Someone should do that with vape flavors. Not particularly practical, but would make for some funny pranks.


Flavorah heat 5%
Tpa pizza 10%
Rf souffle any %



I’m down with the diacetyl, too. If it were true, millions of cigarette smokers would have popcorn lung. There may be something negative about it, but it can’t be neeeearly as bad as smokes.


A pizza vape! I’d at least try it.

@VapeyMama what exactly does heat taste like lol it better not be overbearing cinnamon.


DO IT, DO IT! If I remember correctly, @amy2 did one with pizza and pineapple once :tada:


@ 5% you’d likely never taste again :rofl:


Its just what it says…heat. No flavor apparently… but I haven’t actually tried it yet… its just sitting on my shelf. Dare me to finger test it? :joy: