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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


Do it, do it! (Apparently all I have to say this evening) :rofl:


I hate pineapple… On pizza and in vape. I know im a horrible person for that.


Yes record it also. We can all yell “chug chug chug!”


I did it…Oh my god!
I need to lick some butter… That shit sneaks up on ya! For 1 second I thought “thats not that bad” and then my tongue started burning and now my throat is on fire! Ack! Fuck finger testing!


Legend! :smiley::laughing::+1:


Idiot is more like it. :joy:




I told you never to share that…everybody thinks I’m a girl :flushed::rofl:


Oh sorry i didnt mean to use an actual photo of you!


Will you test the earwax vape?


Just add butter


I’d you buy NF direct and buy a 2oz bottle, it’s just $2 more than a 1oz. Good deal.


Nope. Not gonna start anything nasty.


I did exactly the same when i got it curious will be the death of me - pretty sure my final words will be “here hold my beer” or “that didn’t go as expected”. But that is one I don’t recommend tasting from the bottle.

I did buy it with a specific idea in mind - cherry chilli chocolate as soon as i am happy with the cherry the other elements should be easier.


To late you thought it


It’s not that bad, I promise it won’t kill you!

Edit: apparently I’m late to the party!


I’m with you brother!
I will NEVER understand what makes people want to pair “sweet” with meat. Honey ham, pineapple with pepperoni/sausage/etc, mint jelly with lamb, etc etc.

Pffbbt. Hardly.
Just says to me that you have good taste! :wink: :laughing:



I really appreciate this comment here. Now I know the first cherry I try out from them will be the white one.

My nomination for flavors I’d like to see: Some dairy, creams, and custards from Medicine Flower.


Don’t like sweet meat eh? The cannibals say human is sweet meat but I’ve never tried it. @Cutlass92 have you ever eaten or sucked on sweet meat?