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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


If interested, NF has a good custard and cream. .5-1% will do it.


Why do people always ask me that!?


I had some of my good friends wife’s chili a while back. Dude! She put a ton of sugar in it. We were at a cook out with a huge fire. Marshmallows, drinks and this super sweet chili. I just couldn’t eat it and was looking for an outside plant to pour it out in…ate it anyway and told her it was very good. :nauseated_face::tada:


FLV oatmeal raisin. Strong AF use 0.08-0.15% . I used it in a cinnabun recipe where i wanted a raisin backnote, worked great…


You read my mind. When i first started DIY i ordered danish pastry NF and mixed at like 12% lol i let everything steep 4weeks+ back then and thought it was amazing. This was 5 years ago when i first started vaping and had an itazte with innokin iclear30b tank lol, Anyhow i didnt taste cinnamon back then but having just re-upped NF again (finally) i do get the cinnamon from NF danish pastry. The pastry note is so spot on with a good dab of icing too!


Just checked NR dont see FR pastry up on the site? Do you know where else one might obtain it…


bakery bonanza. pastry…


I get sugarcrisp cereal from this flavor spot on at 3% as a SNV but as it steeped it turned into a wood flavor lol need to turn it down and retest but right now im scared of it. Would be great as a tobacco additive also as one could turn it up and frankenflavor a brown sugared woody flavor…


Think out of the box! Weißwurst with brezel, sweet mustard and wheat beer! That flavor would be amazing! Yes i´m BAVARIAN!


flavor would be amazing to vape? fo rizzle? ehhh ok, let us know how this idea turns out. willy wonka made something similar with the everlasting gobstopper didnt he?


I´m sorry @R113 to many words tha google translater don´t know. rizzle, gobstopper, so i don´t realy understand your post. —>bavarian

Another nice one could be:

or simply:


ok i stop joking now…


Oh i was going to send you to bob - if you like savory ideas he has a few in there


Sorry. Was joking. Also didn’t realize you are from Germany. Fo Rizzle is slang for (for real? Are you serious?) and a gobstopper is a candy that constantly changed flavors and lasted forever. It was in the 1971 movie called Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Oh man, that’s too bad. I love it. I mixed it at 4% SF and it was straight up honey bunches of oats to me. Never really changed much. Yet another example that taste is subjective. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m purely amazed you got anything from the FLV oatmeal raisin as the only thing I got a taste of was green beans


Super low as @mixologist13 said and it is quite nice


Interesting. What percentage did you use? I was mistaken on the percentage I used, it was actually only two drops in a 120ml which i believe is 0.04%
Anything higher and i can easily see how things might go south. I agree with the posts from the reddits that @woftam shared and believe many use FLV way too high. Also it was in an established cinnamon roll recipe which i thought could benefit from a hint of raisin. Those 2drops accomplished what i was after quite well…


True that… some type of salt or a hint of salt would b great in some of the recipes


I first opened the top and took a whiff. Green beans. Tiny speck on my finger said hay and green beans and a few drops into a glass of water said oh no you don’t! Send this to a friend. So I did. I can’t tell you % cause I don’t have one. From the smells and flavors I got from the above I declined to pursue this flavor any further.