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What Flavor Would You Like to See Made?


Do you have a suggestion for a sf test % for the oatmeal raisin cookie? I haven’t done anything with it yet but I definitely want to sf test it first. Maybe I should dilute it first so that I can make a 15ml batch at… .05%?

Edit: totally forgot that you had written this.

I’ll sf it in that range. :+1:


I think a dillution is a good idea. Will make it easier to work with. I SF at 0.75% it was very potent like a squishy raisin with “dried” outer shell. I then added 3% cereal27, 0.75% ooo speckled flakes and my milk stone. The raisin dominated but after many many many months was a decent raisin bran!


Has anyone read this ever? Look at the raspberry section


I am gonna toss my RFSC Beaver Tail now. Thanks dickhead. :joy:


Herein lies the reason why I’m not overly worried about “artificial flavors” in my food, drink, or vape. Part of me feels like a chemical made in a lab is more sterile and less disgusting than some of the “natural” ones. I mean, people eat some weird stuff, so I guess it is what it is. We don’t usually care as long as we don’t know. Ignorance is bliss, right? LoL.

Although, castoreum isn’t really used much anymore. Also, I’m not entirely convinced that L-cysteine (not cystine like the article said) is made from human hair. It would make more sense to use the billions of chicken and duck feathers, cow horns, hog bristles, etc. that are a byproduct of the meat industry. Still not very appetizing.


Ella’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes from Chefs is just that.


Fortune cookie


Oooh! Thanks for the heads-up -will have to give that a go!


People drink civet coffee, so beaver secretions can’t be all bad. Don’t quit them yet!


I wish a real authentic cannoli flavoring would come out. I even emailed FA suggesting it, you know, since their italian and all. The only one i found was by GetSuckered, and yeahhhh, suckered i was. It had a real sour note reminded me of yogurt vapes so maybe it was that BA stuff or whatever. Not good. I want the flakey shell, the powdered sugar, the delicious cream filling with the chocolate chips. Ive tried the commercial juices and theyre not even close, not even a little bit, imo.

Acai Berry
This one i just dont believe an artificial flavor maker is going to get this right anytime soon. Im keeping my fingers crossed that medicine flower does it one day.


Im with you on the cannoli, bit chips…noooooo. A delicious cream would be fantastic, we can add the rest :slight_smile:

Damn now I want a cannoli for breakfast to go with this yummy coffee I am drinking (italian sweet cream added)


I’ll be happy with that too.:smile:


Check it out! A cannoli one-shot from FA!


I’m not bavarian, but that would be something quite different :smiley:


I don’t have any PG free ideas, I’m sorry.

However, Purilum Cream Cheese Danish with Toasted Almonds is actually fairly good, and could be bent into cherry/cream cheese very easily. The almonds almost lean in a very slight cherry direction. I also love Liquid Barn’s Baker’s Touch. Very delicious cream cheese pastry, but it does have some hints of cinnamon.

I use it in low percentages with the Purilum to help boost the danish flavor. Too much though and the cinnamon becomes noticeable. There is a happy balance.


Purilum Country Apple. The one and only cooked apple I’ve found…It’s yummy!!!


Euro Flavors. Very different, but delicious and useful if looking for a cooked cherry.

Amareno Cherry: 6 Day Steep. Amazing intense cherry. A deep and rich dark dessert cherry. Very much like cherries from black forest cake. Not juicy and bright like a fresh cherry, more of a canned/cooked cherry in syrup. Very nice, would be great with chocolate, tobaccos, dessert especially pie or danish. It does have a mild throat hit, might need a longer steep or lower percentage. Pretty strong, maybe 5% for SF 1.5-3 in mixes. Very unique one of a kind flavor.

(REQ) Black cherry marshmallow by virgin vapor

Thank you it is now on my list - would be perfect for the “Darkwoods cake” (black forest cake) I am working on. Now I just have to find it


I always forget about that one. I remember it from the betas and im pretty sure i still have it. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Now if someone would just make me a thimbleberry…


Hey @Nicotine_River