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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


TPA Blueberry (Extra) is fantastic in the essential oil diffuser. Best one I’ve tried so far. :trophy:


What kind of flavor/water ratio are you using?


200ml water (diffuser capacity) and 10 drops of concentrate. Fills the room. TFA Lemon is weak, any strawberry is pretty fragrant though. I need to try even more.


Fixing my Smok Alien that decided to quick working altogether. Figuring it to be nothing more than a paper weight now, I decided to google troubleshoot it and found that giving it a few hard smacks brought it back to life. Who knew getting rough with it would be the fix? :smirk:


I would say if you do that from the video to then remove the batteries and inspect the positive post to ensure they aren’t damaged.


Not to pile on, sorry, but of course that’s not a permanent fix. You’ve either got a loose component or a loose wire. But it’s cool that works for now!


Odd because I babied the shiz out of it. Never even dropped it except once on carpet. Come to think of it… was when it stopped working. And I never slammed it on the table like in the vid but just a few firm hits on the palm of my hand. But you’re right, I’m sure something’s loose somewhere.


My iPV8 was the same way. Babied it too. But the fire button stopped working. Took it apart and found the microswitch had sliped up over time and moved off center from the button. Quick fix, dab of super glue, like new again. Same thing with the wife’s Vesta. Same design, same problem, same fix.


As long as it’s not a hazard to use as is, I will. Next time it stops I’ll look into tearing it apart or just use as a paperweight. I have plenty of other, better mods to use. :thinking:



I was thinking that it was probably more likely that the jeans rivet (positive pin) ended up being stuck below the point where it’s supposed to be seated. Probably by an atty with a 510 that’s slightly too long… Smacking it might have allowed it to reseat.

@SthrnMixer Good call on inspecting the batteries (if they were in it when force was applied) and connecting terminals. :thumbsup:

I’d recommend that if anyone tries this method in the future, that they remove the batteries first. Just to be safe.


That would lean towards confirming my suspicion. (Not guaranteed though of course)


Anyone use paper weights anymore? Protest brick maybe?


Got an order from China yesterday that said it was delivered over a week ago. China really has nothing to do with it. I’m fairly confident that USPS delivered it to the wrong address. Wasn’t a lot of money involved so I didn’t make myself nuts by trying to address it with USPS. But Viola! It appeared! It had been inspected, but folks did the right thing. There really aren’t that many people that can use 10, 100W, 1Ω wire would resisters, lol.


Tomato/tomatoe…same thing. And yeah I actually do use as a paper weight whilst vaping on my WR. :triumph:


In the past couple weeks, 3 smokers and a couple more dual users from work came up to me to show me their new mods. 2 smokers showed off their mods to me on the same day yesterday. Also, at the smoking table at work, everyone wanted to try the Suorin Drop. It became everyone’s Drop for a few minutes.

I already had to wait after my haircut because a coworker’s husband “vapes too much and goes through too much juice” she wanted me to tell him all about building your own coils and making your own juice. We both donated juice for the newest vaper to try today and didn’t even know it until we spoke by chance.

So many smokers from work, jumping on the vape train! So many vapers from work, curious about the DIY.

I am smiling my face in half. The cheshire cat over here…


@Cooter1 made me smile with this…:laughing:


I hate snow. But this winter, we’ve gotten virtually none, which is very rare but makes me smile. So, now that it’s very nearly spring, and daylight savings has hit, what happens?

Calling for 3-5 inches of snow today. Really, while I hate snow mostly, I don’t mind super late winter snow. It will blanket the land with a pretty little white coat, then about 12 hours later it will be gone No shoveling, no treachery, the only kind of snow I like anymore.


Well that’s what a snow blower, kids and four wheel drive is for.


Haven’t seen this in decades! Made me smile big time :smiley:


Ex showed up yesterday (after 2 years) on her birthday to pick up the remainder of her stuff. Spent the day packing, went to dinner and then said so long. A good time with zero drama and some closure. :slightly_smiling_face: