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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


An ‘Amber Alert’ hope the damage isn’t too bad


It was my mom’s Cadillac, and it’s bad. More than a grand to fix. Damaged one of the backup sensors.


Opening my new Guitar case


Gotta love that!!
Congrats on the new V! She’s a beaut! :thumbsup:


That is Awesome! You need to go channel some Albert King , Jimi Hendrix , and Lonnie Mack!


Just got home from a 2-day convention in Los Angeles. So nice to be home. The convention was great. Spent two days at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and it was great. Slept like a baby. I’m sure the alcohol helped a bit :grinning:


I too just finished my taxes and I think I’m gonna be sick with the results


_emphasized text_How could I possibly not smile!!!


Today is @Cutlass92 and my 10th anniversary. I’m smiling because I got to spend the entire day with the love of my life❤️


After all this time?
Congratulations, @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92




Congrats @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92 !!!


Glad for you)


Congratulations, @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92


@Rob62 Wow! awesome guitar!!!


RnR concert in my town. I love garage club atmoshphere #notVapeRelated lol


And it plays as good as it looks, I can not play a wide neck Guitar so a Les Paul is out for me
but I was in a guitar shop and saw the thin neck and had to give it a try ( that was my 1st mistake ) LOL. Next thing I know I had to order one
There’s just something about a Gibson Guitar and a Marshall amp :smiley:


Congrats @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92!


What did @Cutlass92 do all day?


Cool story:metal: