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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I’ll have to say, that sounded about as perfect as you can get. :smiley:


Stumbled on this, directly onto the “The VGOD”


Hehe @Cutlass92


You know it’s true! Plus I get lots of people come knocking when it snows. $20.00 shovel your drive and sidewalk.


Grubby Mother… :):star_struck::tada::+1:


I have 8 working days until I retire (again) I retired from the Navy now I will retire from
the DOD kind of cool…


Congratulations! :tada::grin::+1:


Thanks Lolly!


Congrats on the retire. Been there a few years myself.


thanks Bob ! I am very excited how is it ? It’s kind of scary right now to me


That’s not “kind of cool”.
That’s very cool! :smiley: :thumbsup:

Congratulations on the accomplishments!
/hat’s off


Surprising how easy it is to fill up the days doing absolutely nothing productive at all.


Thanks Sprks appreciate it


I have dreamed of that for many years! I’m getting a taste of that right now I have so much sick leave and vacation time I only have to go to work on Tues and Thurs right up to my retirement date and haven’t accomplished SHIT productive… and lovin it! Just doing what I want to do or just doing nothing! Feels good.


It’s finally Friday.


Congratulations, and thank you for your service good sir!!!


More time for mixing !!!



She has gotten so big…
Seems like only last week she was little,
next week will be a bra, then college !!!


I’m outta like @ozo but very cute !!!


No doubt. She’s growing sooo fast, it’s ridiculous.