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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Ex showed up yesterday (after 2 years) on her birthday to pick up the remainder of her stuff. Spent the day packing, went to dinner and then said so long. A good time with zero drama and some closure. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll have to say, that sounded about as perfect as you can get. :smiley:


Stumbled on this, directly onto the “The VGOD”


Hehe @Cutlass92


You know it’s true! Plus I get lots of people come knocking when it snows. $20.00 shovel your drive and sidewalk.


Grubby Mother… :):star_struck::tada::+1:


I have 8 working days until I retire (again) I retired from the Navy now I will retire from
the DOD kind of cool…


Congratulations! :tada::grin::+1:


Thanks Lolly!


Congrats on the retire. Been there a few years myself.


thanks Bob ! I am very excited how is it ? It’s kind of scary right now to me


That’s not “kind of cool”.
That’s very cool! :smiley: :thumbsup:

Congratulations on the accomplishments!
/hat’s off


Surprising how easy it is to fill up the days doing absolutely nothing productive at all.


Thanks Sprks appreciate it


I have dreamed of that for many years! I’m getting a taste of that right now I have so much sick leave and vacation time I only have to go to work on Tues and Thurs right up to my retirement date and haven’t accomplished SHIT productive… and lovin it! Just doing what I want to do or just doing nothing! Feels good.