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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Back on the topic…
What made me smile today is getting replies, messages left and right from this community even tho I’m new and nobody knows me.
Makes me warm inside and feel like home


this was hilarious, just imagining the sound effects


I finished my taxes last night…whew!


Congratulations guys.


$20!!! Wish you were my neighbor. Here in the NE they take your pants down.


Wow, seriously? That woman has a bad case of Arachnophobia. Spiders are my best friends…they eat all the bugs in my house. I let them have their space…but not in my bed.


So how do you train a spider not to go in your bed?


I’ve had a Gibson ES 330 for many years now (discontinued). It has an unusually thin neck compared to others. Had one of my Les Pauls’ neck shaved down to match it’s specs.


What caramel did you use with that, may I ask? Yep, it’s me, the caramel creepy crawly person.


yeah I wish they gave that option on the Les Paul


Kill it! That’s where I draw the line. Actually, I’ve not had a friendly, useful spider try to enter my bed, only the creepy kind like the Brown Recluse. That SOB jumped out at me!


I think “Holy Shit!” is in order!

Oh, I don’t like spiders and snakes
and that’s not what it takes


Flavorah Caramel, as the sole Caramel flavor, and Tatanka Tobacco as the sort of back up Caramel.


Alisa I’m starstruck! She’s HERE!

just read the above statement in another thread , it reminded me of how i was excited when people helped me and actually took the time when i first started lol , i could imagine the actual giddyness ( not a word ) probably of the person who @alisa responded too lol


I was able to get tickets for Jimmy Buffett today


Really enjoying a recipe by @tartarusspawn I mixed up a couple of days ago.
Ya’ll should give it a try if in your flavor profile!
This makes me happy today…

Virgin Blackberry Piña Colada

  • by tartarusspawn
    In my Baby Beast
    on top of that gorgeous custom @Whiterose0818 mod I still love.


Thank you, kindly, miss :smiley: I have 7 caramels in my stash and notta one is Flavorah. Maybe when this search is all over I’ll be a caramel queen instead of a creepy caramel person. I guess we all have our sensitivities.


Discovering a flavoring vendor that has been around for a while, and I’ve never used before, who blew me away with the FIRST flavor I tried from them. Going to make it hard to get to the REST of the testers hehe.


click to see entire picture


That’s a Zebra or some kind evolution cyborg creation !!