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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?



The text might be “gender biasis detrimental” since it is a dude’s leg :man_facepalming:


I Like Bikes, soft summer breeze, country living, People that smile, dancing in the rain, Life is Good, God is Great.


Not !!! THIS IS MY BIKE !!!


:open_mouth: I want to get a bike, any advice on how the license process works?


Gosh been 25 years or id be happy to help, Then i just cruised around on a learner’s permit in PA


@DarkJester89, to tell you the truth, it has been 10 years ago, but it is not hard, written test, and road test, which was in back of the DMV parking lot, swaying back and forth between cones. I don’t ride like I use to, in fact this is the first year I missed the 16th annual Outer Banks Bike Week Fest

absolute great times there, Good Food, Live Bands, Women, Party, Food, did i say Women!!! I live 1 hour away, so I can go whenever. My family has a cottage on the beach, me and my cousins, 8 of use rock it out for a week. Do want to put this memory in here, there was a band from Va. Beach, Va. Three man band that did Robin Trower and Jimi Hendrix to a T (capital T). and there is alot more to say about it, but I have to take that to the Saloon or Lounge, don’t know what would be more appropriate :innocent:


a close friend of mine plays on the ocean city bikes week, and I actually live in the va beach area :open_mouth:


depending on which end of the beach, I am about 1hr 20min. away. And depending on traffic, I hate va. traffic, errrr!!, all time blowing at my N.C. slow moving ass…plus I always get lost, cause they change the road routes every time I go there. Well you are about the nearest one I know that vapes near me, I live in a county with about 7-8 thousand people, and I don’t know no one that vapes, and I know more than half the people, because I own a business for the past 35+ years. We will have to get together let you show me some vape shops, none down here to speak of. I did find a nice one down in lil Washinton, n.c.



no worries! There are mostly “hole in the wall” shops, or strip mall joints, nothing that I’ve seen really big but sounds good! and yeah…i hate the traffic here too, makes me wish jetpacks werer around, but that traffic would probably be too dangerous haha


Ordering so much this week that I found vape mail on the weekend.


Took this the other day. Can’t believe it actually stood still for the picture. :grinning:


First mowing of the season!!!


Third time for me…
All new fluids [week-long project, each fall]
New blades on front decks
Rockin’ on ready, sittin’ on go.


Seeing you post twice in a day makes me smile good sir.


You know I still love you, right? [many of you]
I still ‘am’, and I shall remain, until I ‘am not’ , eh?
It is friends like you that compel me to check in occasionally.
Even at 75, I still prefer open sights over using a scope,
for less than 150 yds. As my sight is still 95% intact, I would
hope my mind is running a close race, but every day there is
new crap, stupid shit, malicious shit, stinky shit, runny shit,…
that sometimes my mind just can not fathom.
I pray that the new social warrior shit does not cloud my vision,
and in any way does not change the warrior training that I have
followed all my life, learned by Masters, at least not changed it
in any negative Constitutional way. I worry not for myself, but
for the generation(s) that have come after mine, and much of
it alarms me.
God bless you, your family, and all that you hold dear in your heart.


From the soon to be deleted post here:

It was cryptic. It was curious. It was thought provoking. It was a ball of downright, good old, WTF??!!? o0

And then it turned out to be the modern update on the “old” technological marvel of “butt-dialing”.

No more personal “Oops!”, explaining to a friend who our phone happened to call (v1.0 cell phones), or text (v2.0 cell phones). No. Now our phones are “smart”, ego-centric even, and they demand to reach a worldwide audience!!

Welcome to cell phones v3.0 everyone! LMAO

Can’t you just wait for “v6.0” when they have holo-emitters, and you’re naked in the bedroom?
:flushed: /smh :rofl:
Talk about “reach out and touch someone!”
(unexpectedly naked and broadcast worldwide.)
Ermm, yeah. FUCK YOU MA BELL! (in advance)


@Plunderdrum genuinely made me laugh man. Thank you! (you shouldn’t delete it BTW. It was funny AF)


At least it was not doing predictive text :slight_smile: AI great current failure, giving good results on a task but being unable to explain why most of the time.

I would give an example of what it gives but mine went into a grumble about video formats.


I didn’t delete that!