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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


It’s funny that your cat looks very similar to mine, as well as sharing same behavior. Guess we got a lot more things in common lately lol


@eStorm We have special Buff cats, and Orange cats. Something about them …

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Do your buffs like belly rubs? Ours are nuts for them!


I’m not SessionDrummer… But I thought I’d chime in.

Snickers (my orange tabby) is the first cat I’ve ever had that loves having his tummy rubbed.
He actually gets borderline annoyed if you do his back!

Cinder OTOH (black and white tuxedo) does like most others, arches the back to put even more pressure on the back as it’s being rubbed. If you even think about rubbing his tummy, it’s “auto attack mode”. :laughing:


One of our tuxedos, Brodie, is the same as your Cinder. He will rip some serious skin if you go anywhere NEAR his belly, but absolutely loves having his backside scratched as hard as possible. He’s a total masochist when it comes to getting his butt scratched! I once spanked him just to see what his response would be-Let’s just say that it was rated TV-MA


LMFAO!!! Exact same result with Cinder! :rofl:


Most of our cats come from abused homes, and/or cats that cannot be placed elsewhere. Our buffy was no exception to that, and now that he has settled in, he is a wonder cat. He bonded to my wife, and is around her all day, every day. I often joke that if she bought a wearable baby carrier, he would ride around all day with her. He is a little buff teddy bear that will never turn down a belly rub.


I have been in animal rescue since the 1960’s, and am a licensed
import/export handler. I am affiliated with 100’s of groups, in over 20
countries, including zoos, sanctuaries, and shelters.
I have lost over 100 babies through the course of time, for various
reasons, and the grief NEVER gets any easier.
I believe that I have a fairly good idea what you are going through.
Sorry I don’t have a magic wand to loan you, and please know that
I send my best condolences.


Hi Sweetie,
Pray tell, what is it that you ‘just saw’ ?

Edit: I just figured it out.


My new limited edition PRS CE 24


That is one heluva good guitar


Willcutt Guitars had 50 made for their 50th anniversary ( only 5 this color )
this guitar normally comes with 85/15 pick ups
this one has the 58/15 LT pick ups found in PRS’s higher end guitars and the cool and unusual flame maple top



I like the general aesthetics of PRS and i dig the sound, but I never owned one. Probably something I will fix one of these days. A friend has a PRS SE baritone which is unusually good for a Korean made guitar


The CE24 is made in th USA

I think there is 24 left out of this collection
I posted the link


$2k is a bit too rich for me right now :slight_smile: And I recently bought yet another guitar. If i get something else i will probably be evicted to the couch for a full year (or worse)


This is what it sounds like


I realized I had one order from Chefsflavour.co.uk that were placed on June 21st, which had yet to show up.

Thinking it may be our customs that are holding it hostage, and due to summer vacations and such, things are going slower.

To make it short, I contacted chefsflavour about my order and if they had any way to track the happenings of the package. They shipped the whole order again, now with tracking, without hesitation. And without me having to pay for it again.

Now that makes my day :heart:

Thats quality customer service right there.


After torturing myself with bottle washing, decided to reup some cotton and coils on the twins. Never ceases to amaze me how much mind numbing flavor I can get off of dual kanthal verticals



Finished two projects in the last 24 hours-Finally got the old Ford truck back on the road after needing to replace the power steering pump and lines(Getting the pulley off the old pump and on the new one was a REAL bastid of a job, ahtellyuhwhut!) The other project was getting some blackberry cleared off of the fence line. Sure, fresh blackberries are tasty, but if not carefully watched and religiously trimmed, the damn stuff goes EVERYWHERE. I reclaimed a full two feet of driveway-WOOT! I hurt like hell, and the spasms have started but dammit- I GOT IT DONE, SON!