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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


That she is, got me totally wrapped around her finger she has.:wink:


FearCon SLC 2016 with my lady made me smile today. More than I have in quite a while.
Oh yeah and this seeing this there also did:

This guy did an amazing job on his costume, using foam floor mats to craft his armor. Great detail.


@Pugs1970 You have about 12 years to fine tune your boy-beating-stick (and skills) …she’s gonna be breaking all their hearts, and you’ll be needin’ to crack all their heads :wink: (just leave it leaning against the front door jam …handy)


oh I’m well aware, her mums a looker I’ve been stocking up since we had her, when we got together and she became pregnant i believe the conversation went…
“Ok, we’re having a baby, if it’s a girl and looks like you you should be aware that in around 16 years I will more than likely be guilty of beating up several hundred teenage boys and will spend most of my later years in prison…you should prepare for that…:expressionless:


LoL! Well she’s half Pugs too so she may need no help kicking their asses all by herself :wink: Hey I just smiled for like 30 minutes!


you’re probably right there Bo…she already beats me regularly :weary:
beats…bounces on…happy slaps…ridicules…bites…pinches…stabs…:disappointed:
it’s a wonder I’m here at all really…


Caption: HiiEee YAaaaa!


Exactly my thoughts,if there his starters i cant wait to see his better ones.


Did you mix them with milk or what they all have a slightly opaque look to them???


I only have the two I was born with , and actually one of them is missing the end of it, I put it where it didn’t should go once, but only once I can tell you that for sure.


Some just have cloudy flavors, a lot of them are in hdpe bottles, so they just look cloudy. No milk. :wink:


Hey I’ve got a gun just like that, isn’t it a Deboyfriender double barrel to be used for twins and bad shots. lmao


Hey great pic, realise I’m a bit late in commenting as usual but this pic made me smile and I sought out the sub to say ‘nothing’ :wink: but happier now and I am going to hug the kids even if they are getting big and don’t want to.

HAPPY :wink:


Got the hug and mugged for money into the bargain


I just can’t resist posting this story. It will make some smile and others will cry some while smiling just because it is such a nice story.


Wow…what a beautiful story!!! That really made my day…thanks for the share!


Yeah it absolutely is a beautiful story. It touched that cold old heart of mine for sure.


Hmmmm. Made me smile. I have been leaving out a few bottles of ejuice for a local squirrel. A squirlle that really can’t afford our local primium super execuative level brick’n’motor shops we have in the north west. Well the squirrel randomly shared with someone else that I didn’t know vaped. The today squirrel in passing said I was a great mixer…that it was very flavorful and better than anything he had purchased before.

It warmed my hearth alittle that someone found joy and said something positive without needing something in return.


Wow. 6 days and no one else has had a smile moment. Well I just got excellent new. I had completed an interview beginning of last week. I thought I had nailed it. My heart sank alittle since they said to they hoped to offer me the job last Friday.

Well they didn’t. I told myself no worrries. It’s a big company and needed to waiting on the separate recruiting department.

So I sent my thank you email Friday. Went on my mini vacation. Came back Sunday. Super excited about hearing something Monday. Nothing.

Tuesday I ensured all my little projects for next steps were completed. Sent a notification email to my interviewer stating my excitement.

All day today…NO reply. Uggg. Until…

4 minutes ago…7:48pm my time. Call from my interviewer for a verbal offer and for more money than my minimum exceptavle rate.

Yay!!! Now I just gotta do drug test and criminal check. No worries there…don’t do drugs and no criminal record. Finally get to move to a job with a noraml living wage. No longer have to say I work for a low cost service provider.

I’m so excited I can’t go to sleep.

(@Amy2 knows what company).


Awesome!! Congrats! :champagne: :confetti_ball: :tada: :smiley: