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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Dude !!! That has made my day !!!
I am stoked for you ! there is nothing as demoralising as being in a place where you don’t feel your worth. Good Luck in your new job !


Granddaughter and Ol’ JOhnnie Cat…
They make me smile! Video:


My 7 yo daughter screaming at the dog to heel - when I asked why she was screaming at him she said he was chasing Lawson (stallion) Crystal (mare) and her words after that had me roflmao.

“Crystal was trying to give Lawson a piggy back and Makai (dog) wouldnt let her”

Man kids make me laugh.


Finally being happy with the 2 mods I have. Reuleaux 200s and DNA. Also knowing that the vape gear I have finally does not need to be upgraded. Now for juices, that is another story.


Look at that beautiful smile! So screaming cute ha ha ha:joy::grin:


My son (10 years old) let me sleep in until 9:30, a practically unheard of achievement. He then did a little dance as he announced it was “Grandma Day”. Grandma Day is going to his Grandma’s house for an overnight trip. For him, this means hugs and kisses, candy, homemade lasagna, and playing with two dogs that adore him. For me, it means candy, homemade lasagna, drinking wine, and hanging out with my vaping brother. Sleeping in AND Grandma Day? Yup, that’ll put a smile on my face every single time.

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m off to pack!


Best of luck with continued smiles as the next stop after Gramma’s is predictably the Candle store and the Liquor store… :smirk:


Just met one of my all time favorite singers. Mr. Tony Bennett :blush: Good Saturday so far :innocent:


that is brilliant :clap:


Actually… it was the Lindt store. Chocolate heaven! Neverending smiles this weekend! :joy:


My son posted these pics this evening… Made me smile big time:

They took Kit to her first Thunder Basketball game in OKC.


Toooooo cute! :grinning:


The fact that it is Turkey day tomorrow and I will harvest my NETS tomorrow as well. I cannot wait. It has been 6 long months.


Way Cool how many N.E.T s did you have going ?


3 Cherry Vanilla Pipe, Buckies Blend, and one other. They are all local pipe store bought. So cannot wait.


The other was black cherry, a perique blend with cherry.


Adding 2 more NETS to the mix. A raspberry cream and a rum pipe to the mix.


You lot made me smile today.


and that made me smile
Happy Holidays


Right back at ya.