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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Lol and not forgetting mr pugs himself,DING DONG.


Anytime I come into ELR I leave smiling.


Hubby put up new LED lighting today… mainly for our grandaughter when she visits again. :slight_smile: That made me smile . …


My cutie-patootie grandaughter, Kit and her troll of a cat, Johnnie!! lol


A friend of my son’s, reposted this video.

My Gordon’s last week in Iraq

and he got challenged to a Gummy Bear eating record. Hahaa… He attempted to eat 5lbs of Gummy Bears, but I think he only got about 3/4s thru that bag.


getting to walk past this in the morning makes me smile every day :slight_smile:


Very nice. How I envy you. I just get to drive by meth addicts every morning. It’s a small town that I thought would be nice, but upon living here not so much.


WMMST … down south in UK the best Vape shop is No1 eJuice (www.no1ejuice.com/)
I have a colleague that is the night security guard at one of our other sites, so we talk all
night … usually about Vaping. He Lives above an empty shop, well guess what … No1 eJuice
is opening a new branch, directly under his flat !!!



The way my daughter absent mindedly helps me walk along the street (i’m a bit unsteady at times)I l have just realised she has always done it, when I asked her about it she said yeah I help you because your old dad.

What can I say love her so much.


Today makes my first full year in the ELR family :grinning: I have learned and laughed so much this past year and excited for 2017. Thank you guys and gals…and aliens!


Congrats on year 1.


Way Cool right on :+1:


A very Happy Anniversary to youuuuu :grin:


Nice!! Happy anniversary! :grin:
And nice new pic, lookin good bro!


Thanks sis! :grinning:


Vaping on Bust A Nut. It finally matured. A dream of a vape. Vape 30 mls today.


I’m doing the exact same thing, bottled 12/9/16. It’s really good.
How long did you age yours?


Going into work and being told my boss wants to have a meeting , figured it would be a rally the troops pep talk.:fist: Only to find out it was time for my job evaluation! :spy:
Then walking out of the office with a raise! :smiley:
Time for a new toy!


@TheTinMan1 posting the Major Lingo song on ELR for me


He is good for a chuckle or two. Two is his limit. Beyond that is pushing it.