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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


My afternoon happy thoughts:

4:30 PM. Quittin’ time!

4:31 PM Thinking about Superbowl Sunday

4:31.5 PM Nachos and beer while enjoying Superbowl Sunday and thinking up new cuss words to scream at the TV.


Logging back on ELR to see so many new people having taken the plunge into diy/vapeing.
What a site this is. :heart:


Something very life changing has made me smile today
But I can’t tell you as it’s still a secret
How annoying is that :laughing:


Did she say yes?


She said yes a long time ago…although I haven’t actually ‘asked’ her yet…lol


Very!!! I don’t like secrets…how are we supposed to be happy for you on your life changing event if you can’t tell us the secret!?! Oh well…guess you will tell us when you are ready!!! Until then, I will be happy for you anyways!


I know right…I hate it when people do that to me…

I’m just so f$&king irritating :smiley: lol

Thanks anyways :wink:


Spill Mister!!! :grin:


From our PMs back and forth I take it that you finally got approved for the sex change operation. Congrats! I’m happy for you and proud.

Opps! Was I supposed to keep it a secret too?


To the Photoshopz ! :wink:


Yes tinman
I was keeping my mangina under wraps until i had the stitches out then i was going to post a picture as requested by yourself…a little odd but…
You ruined it now
Thanks :fu:


This makes me laugh most days figured I would share lol


Just for that, I hope it’s triplets! :slight_smile:



LMAO! You better hope not. That’s a death nail to your vudget right there!!! :slight_smile:


Seeing my old friend @Pattie back on ELR today


My oldest son getting a B+ on his oral about WW1


Thank you brother, much appreciated.
How have you been keeping my friend, hope all is well. :yum:


Finally being home from surgery and doing well. That has made me smile. Also the load of drugs about to be taking will keep me loopy as well.


Good to hear! :smiley: Go easy on those meds :joy: